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Fashion & LifestyleHow to Wear the Fedora Hats Properly? Do’s and Don’ts

How to Wear the Fedora Hats Properly? Do’s and Don’ts

Despite your opinions, the fedora hats are here to stay in the fashion world for a long time. Back in the day when the fashion and dress code was much more formal, you won’t find any men or women walking in the street without wearing a hat. 

Since then, the attractive headgear gained a lot of popularity. However, the fame of the fedora hats was much greater than any other type of hat in the market. The formality factor of the fedora hat is greater than the baseball hat or flat hat. When you pair your fedora hat with a classic suit and jeans, you will be able to showcase your great taste in fashion and style. 

Still, the fedora hats faced a lot of criticism from the fashion influencers as they assumed that fedora hats have been worn at informal events with jeans. But there is nothing wrong with improvising. The fashion world is constantly changing and people have adapted the style and functionality of the fedora hats for both formal and informal events. 

Many people also confuse the fedora with the trilby hats. As their design is almost identical, don’t forget to pay close attention while purchasing the fedora hats. 

What is a Fedora?

The fedora hats are one of the most popular hats in the market that is characterized by their wide brim. The brim of the fedora hats is usually 3 inches long, but you can also choose fedora hats with a shorter brim. The center crease of the fedora hats is pinched on both sides and the high crown will make the hat look beautiful. Even though beaver felt was the original material for the fedora hats, now most fedora hats are made of wool felt. 

Additionally, other different types of materials are being used to make the fedora hats including cotton twill, straw, synthetic blends, and leather. As the hats come with limitless variations, the fedora hats are pinpointed more by their basic features. 

Fedora Hats over the Years

Speaking of fedora hats, nothing comes to mind that the legend himself, Frank Sinatra. Since he made the fedora hats one of the most popular hats during the 1960s, people started calling the fedora hats by Frank Sinatra hats. 

Not only Frank Sinatra, but many vintage Hollywood actors also contributed to the growth of fedora hats. While the fedora hats were losing their fame, Indiana Jones come with a new fedora hat that immediately increased their popularity again. 

Nowadays, both male and female celebrities are showcasing their style with wide brim fedora hats. If you’re planning to purchase fedora hats, make sure you consider the materials. Wool fedora hats are great for winter and felt fedora hats are great for summer. 

The Proper Brim Size for the Fedora Hats

This is one of the most important things you need to consider while choosing the fedora hats. Many people assume that the materials and build quality are the only things that need to be considered. However, if you don’t pay attention to the brim size, you might end up buying something less functional than your requirement. 

The brim size will determine the sun protection of the hat. The wider the brim, the better it can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. As per sunscreen, UVC is the most dangerous ultraviolet light.

Wide Brim

wide brim fedora hat will help you achieve a classic look while also protecting your skin, eyes, and neck from the harmful and damaging UV rays of the sun. Sun protection is extremely important as it can cause temporary or permanent damage to your skin. If your face is thin or egg-shaped, you need to purchase w wide brim fedora hat as it will balance the elongated features. 

Just like this, if you have a fuller or round face, a wide brim fedora hat might not be perfect as it would make your face look more girth. Make sure you follow our guidelines to purchase the perfect wide-brimmed fedora hat. Consider pairing our wide-brimmed fedora hats with casual shirts and jeans to achieve an attractive appearance. 

Short Brim

This is something most people don’t know about. Men and women assume that fedora hats are only available in wide brim. But there are different types of fedora hats present in the market that come with shorter brim sizes. 

The short-brimmed fedora hats have a brim size of fewer than 2 inches. This is why the short-brimmed fedora hats are often confused with the trilbies. But you can distinguish between them as the trilby hats come with extremely narrow brims. 

If you have a large head, it’s recommended not to choose any fedora hat that comes with a short brim. The short brim will only make your head look bigger. Instead, try the wide-brimmed fedora hats as they will look good on your head. 


Now that you know everything about the wide-brimmed and short-brimmed fedora hats, it’s to purchase the best one. Visit our website to surf through various options. 

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