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Fashion & LifestyleDenim Trends That Will Rule 2024

Denim Trends That Will Rule 2024

When it comes to unpredictable fashion trends, denim tops the list. Despite constantly changing trends, this timeless piece of sheer brilliance somehow remains relevant in the fashion industry. Of course, trends in denim don’t stay stagnant either; they keep changing faster than we’d probably like them to. Although cuts, creases, and silhouettes undergo transformations, the core classic denim style never exits the fashion industry. Like every other year, denim is back in all its glory on the runways in 2024. So, please continue reading below if you want to know which denim trends you most likely will witness on front pages and billboards in 2024.

Get to Business with Low-Rise Jeans

Take a trip down memory lane towards the early 2000s, and take your low-rise jeans out from your attic. Its official, low-rise jeans are on the high rise. You may have thought this OG of the denim trend has faded over the years, but it is back with a bang. And this time, it is here to stay. The low-rise jeans, also referred to as the low-cut pants, lowriders, or rap pants, sit low on the hips. Typically, you need to wear these jeans about 3 inches below the navel. This 360° turn from the high-waisted jeans is a breath of fresh air and gives room to a lot of creative wardrobe pairings.

Straight Jeans

Mom jeans were a favorite of moms in the 80s and 90s, which led to these pants getting this name. If you are looking for comfort over style, these plus size straight leg jeans have got you covered. Although once considered unfashionable and unflattering, mom jeans have been rocking the runway for a while now. Mom jeans have revived with an exquisite air, breaking the soccer mom stereotype and now stand out among an assortment of various denim styles. These wide pants provide maximum comfort and can easily be converted into a statement piece with the right accessories.

Look Sassy with Baggy Jeans

Taylor Swift was right when she said that nothing comes back stronger than a 90s trend, and baggy jeans are here to prove that right. Baggy jeans are the new cool-girl denim trend taking off among fashionistas and supermodels like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid. These oversized denim pants have been a popular street fashion symbol during the 90s, and now it is back with a 2024 spin on them. You can pair oversized baggy jeans with a crop top and a pair of sneakers to balance out the oversized dress proportions. The comfy look of these jeans makes them appear like you cannot dress up in them. But this isn’t the case. You can polish the aesthetic of these jeans by pairing them up with pointy heals, a tailored blouse, some chunky accessories, and red lip color.

Have Fun in Flared Jeans

If you still aren’t struck with a heavy dose of nostalgia, flared jeans may be the final stroke. Flared or bell-bottom jeans are a true statement piece that ruled the late 90s and early 20s. Celebrities like Margot Robbie, Harry Styles, and Gigi Hadid have been rocking the 70s-inspired bell-bottom look way before it became mainstream. Making appearances on the runways and at several popular boutiques, flared jeans are here to claim the fashion scene once again.

Saunter in Slouchy Silhouettes

Slouchy silhouettes are back again, and they are supposed to be the next it thing in the fashion world. These wide-legged denim jeans with a long inseam hitting the ground may look like a street style, but several celebrities have been rocking the look on runways.

Embrace the Darkness

Gone are the days of bleached, starchy, and faded jeans. Darker washes have taken over the denim world. Dark denim is a luscious fashion trend, especially for the colder months. You can pull off an ultra-chic look during the snowy season by pairing your dark blue or black high-waisted and loose pant legs denim with a long coat.

Sport a Head-to-Toe Look

Matching separates are the new cool and not only in prints or plaids but also in denim. No more considered a Y2K cliché, the head-to-toe denim look is making waves on the fashion scene. The denim-on-denim is a collective favorite of many celebrities. Moreover, with fashionistas like Gigi Hadid, J. Lo, Kylie Jenner, and Katie Holmes rocking the Canadian tuxedo look, it was bound to take off. However, unlike celebrities, it may be a bold choice for some of us to rock the double denim look. But the uber-chic vibe of this trend gives us something to aspire for and achieve in our fashion journey.

Give Midi Skirts a Chance

It’s official: middies are back in style. While top designers keep tweaking the hemlines every season, they decided to bring midi skirts back in fashion this season. These skirts are available in different lengths, from just above the ankle to two inches below the knees. A midi skirt has a flattering cut and silhouette that goes well with different body shapes. You can add heels and a matching jacket for a contemporary take on this denim trend. Moreover, you can also rock the double denim look with a midi skirt and a matching denim jacket.

The Final Verdict

The final thought about the denim trend of 2024 is that everything goes as long as it is not skinny jeans. It means the 2024 take on denim is more inclined toward oversized and baggy looks instead of the body-hugging and skinny appearance. From all the different styles discussed above, you can pick the one that resonates with your inner cool-girl of the 90s and channel that energy. You can easily rock any of these looks by following the traditional take on these or putting a personal and more contemporary spin on these designs.

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