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Fashion & LifestyleSave Up and Curate a Winter Wardrobe with these 5 Useful Hacks

Save Up and Curate a Winter Wardrobe with these 5 Useful Hacks

These chilly winds and falling snowflakes are making us excited to flaunt our winter wardrobe. If you are a firm believer in saving money or spending wisely, you are in the right place. Not only that, but you can also have a great and trendy wardrobe on a budget.

Style is not about any body type, size, age, or abundance of money. It is all about what exactly you make of it and how you carry it according to your beautiful and unique self. Since I am a huge fan of ethnic wear, whilst looking up Pakistani clothes online USA, I happened to read some highly enlightening fashion blogs. So, stick around while I help you have a well-rounded fall wardrobe.

5 Ideas to Consider to Save Your Budget from Over-Stretching

  1. Take Note of What You Own
  2. Make an Inspirational Vision Board
  3. Sticking to a Color Story
  4. Prefer Quality over Quantity
  5. Create a Few Go-To Looks

1. Take Note of What You Own

Scrutinize your wardrobe thoroughly. Take note of the essentials as well as formals, which you own. And then curate a comprehensive list of every category gap that you recognized whilst going through your wardrobe. Note down the pieces, which you haven’t been able to update. Then identify the pieces, which require your key investment. Dedicate a calculated budget for all the items on the list such as knits, shoes, coats, bags, and so on. Take note of the pieces, which are still in vogue and you can still slay them.

Also, create a list of upcoming events, which you need to attend and think of your formal attires. If you are missing out on something, take notes. It may sound a little academic but making a list really helps ease the shopping process.

2. Make an Inspirational Vision Board

You have hundreds of options here. You can use your favorite fashion blogs, fashion influencers, Pinterest, look books, and even online shops to create it. Also, take advantage of the “shop the look” sections. They really have some exciting things to offer and you can catch up on what’s trending real quick. Identify the new winter trends and select items, materials, colors, and silhouettes which you want to try this fall. If you are a little tech-savvy, take your time to tweak and edit the images you have saved to create the style and vibe that works just right for you.

3. Sticking to a Color Story

This will help you stick to practicality and convenience. Since it is your fall wardrobe, sticking to a neutral color palette is the best strategy. Think greys, blacks, nudes, and whites. The advantage of this color story is that you will have the maximum freedom to mix and match. And that will keep your wardrobe essentially fresh. This will allow you to add excitement to your neutral pieces with texture as well as structure. You can also go for a different color story but remember that winter and autumn are more about monochrome.

However, if you prefer a certain color, then think of hues like khaki, magenta, navy, vivid red, maroon, and so on. They can be added excellently to the neutral hues. Pastels are also trending this year. If you are into experimenting with something different, then consider colors like sapphire blue, emerald green, bright orange, and so on.

4. Prefer Quality Over Quantity

It’s always good to stick to quality if you want to create a worth-noticing wardrobe. It’s okay to have a small wardrobe as long as it has some key pieces, which are high-quality. For the essentials, go for low-cost items. That’s perhaps the most popular money-saving hack when it comes to shopping for clothes. You can slay in your personal style by making your low-cost essentials and high-quality pieces coexist.

It’s is wise to stick to the key rule of “less is more.” Spend wisely in the quality pieces, which people will see. And not on the essentials which are going to hide below the layers. For instance, for tank tops and tees, you can go for normal quality. But when it is about sweaters, coats, blazers, and a pair of jeans, they have to be good and trendy.

5. Create a Few Go-To Looks

Once you are done with all the shopping, scrutinize your new shopping and spend some time mixing and matching various pieces. In addition to the combos you already had in mind, you will have some new ones to take you by surprise. Put certain outfits together and pay attention to the details such as accessories and styling. When you have many combos prepared, it will be easier for you on freezing mornings to quickly decide what to wear.

When I decided to mix and match, I looked up several fashion blogs for some great advice. While browsing Pakistani clothes the online USA, I figured out that leather jackets can look stunning when worn over long straight dresses. With a little research, you can also find some unusual yet great combos.

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