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Health & BeautyHow to Make Homemade Smash Burgers - Smash Burger Sauce Recipe

How to Make Homemade Smash Burgers – Smash Burger Sauce Recipe

Creating a Smash Burger involves a simple yet precise technique that turns basic ingredients into a mouthwatering masterpiece. This process includes forming beef into balls, smashing them on a hot pan, layering with cheese, and assembling the burger with fresh toppings and a toasted brioche bun.

Perfect for a quick, delicious meal, this burger guarantees to satisfy your cravings with its crispy edges and juicy center.

Key Steps to Make a Smash Burger


  • Start by dividing the beef into two even balls for the patties.
  • Heat a frying pan over high heat and add some oil for cooking.

Cooking the Patties:

  • Place the beef balls on the hot pan and use a spatula to flatten them into thin patties.
  • Carefully flip the patties to cook on both sides until they’re crispy and browned.
  • Add American cheese on one patty, then stack the other patty on top, allowing the cheese to melt.

Assembling the Burger:

  • Toast the brioche buns until golden.
  • Apply burger sauce on the bottom bun, followed by lettuce, tomato slices, and red onion.
  • Place the double cheeseburger patties on the onions, add pickles, and cap it with the top bun.


  • Serve the Smash Burger immediately while hot and enjoy the blend of flavors and textures.

Suggested Steps of Making

  1. Forming Patties: Roll beef into even balls to ensure uniform cooking.
  2. Smashing Patties: Use a sturdy spatula to press down the balls into thin patties on a hot pan for that iconic smash burger crust.
  3. Layering Cheese: Place a slice of American cheese between the two patties for a gooey, melty center.
  4. Building the Burger: Layer your toasted brioche bun with sauce, fresh veggies, the double cheese patties, and pickles for the ultimate burger experience.
  5. Enjoying Your Creation: Dive into your freshly made Smash Burger and savor every bite.

Ingredients for Smash Burger

  • Ground Beef: 1 pound (454 grams), 80/20 lean to fat ratio, divided into four 4-ounce (113 grams) balls
  • American Cheese: 4 slices
  • Brioche Buns: 2, halved and toasted
  • Burger Sauce: ¼ cup (You can use a mix of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and relish for a classic burger sauce)
  • Lettuce: 2 leaves, washed and dried
  • Tomato: 1 large, sliced
  • Red Onion: ¼ of an onion, thinly sliced
  • Pickles: 4-6 slices, according to taste
  • Oil: 1 tablespoon, for frying (vegetable or canola oil works well)
  • Salt and Pepper: To season the patties before cooking

Preparation and Cooking Tools

  • Frying Pan or Griddle: For cooking the patties
  • Spatula: Preferably a sturdy one, for smashing the patties
  • Knife: For slicing the tomatoes, onions, and pickles (if not pre-sliced)

Instructions Overview:

  1. Preheat your pan or griddle over medium-high heat and add the oil.
  2. Season the beef balls with salt and pepper.
  3. Place the beef balls on the hot surface, and use the spatula to press down firmly, smashing them into thin patties.
  4. Cook for about 2-3 minutes until the edges look crispy, then flip. Immediately place a slice of cheese on two of the patties.
  5. Stack the non-cheese patties on top of the cheese-topped patties, allowing the cheese to melt.
  6. Assemble your burger on the toasted brioche bun with burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, the double smash patties, and pickles.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy!

This recipe will yield two generously sized Smash Burgers that are sure to satisfy your burger cravings with a perfect balance of crispy, juicy, and flavorful components.

Questions and Answers

Why do you smash the burger patties?

  • Smashing the patties increases their surface area, ensuring a crispy exterior while keeping the inside juicy.

Can I use any type of bun for a Smash Burger?

  • While you can use any bun, a toasted brioche bun is recommended for its buttery flavor and sturdy texture that holds up well with the burger and toppings.

Is it necessary to layer one patty on top of the other?

  • Stacking the patties with cheese in between is key to achieving the classic Smash Burger taste and texture, but you can adjust based on personal preference.

What type of beef is best for a Smash Burger?

  • A higher fat content ground beef, such as 80/20 (80% lean to 20% fat), is ideal for a flavorful and juicy burger.

Can I add other toppings to my Smash Burger?

  • Absolutely! Feel free to customize your burger with your favorite toppings and sauces to make it your own.

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