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Fashion & Lifestyle6 Ways to Be More Creative and Tap Into Your Inventiveness

6 Ways to Be More Creative and Tap Into Your Inventiveness

Creativity is something that not everyone feels they are blessed with. How many times have you admired a lovely piece of art only to wish you had a fraction of that skill and talent? What about a great book that resonates with you for years to come? If only you could write like that. However, many people are actually creative in their own ways; it’s just a matter of recognizing those skills and learning how to tap into them so they can grow and flourish.

How to Be More Creative?

If you’ve always wanted to be more creative in life but have no clue where to begin, we’ve got some great tips that can help you to tap into the inner artist you never knew existed. There are no limits, other than your willpower and imagination, so don’t be afraid to try each of these tips out. You may be surprised where your hidden creative talents lie.

  1. Shake Up Your Regular Routine
  2. Try Writing Songs
  3. Pick Up a Journal
  4. Stock Up on Art Supplies
  5. Allow Nature to Inspire You
  6. Take a Creative-Minded Class

1. Shake Up Your Regular Routine

A great place to get started is by shaking up your routine. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a schedule that you like to stick with, there’s no reason not to show a bit of flexibility, even if that means changing up the order of some tasks or stepping outside your comfort zone a bit.

Let’s take your lunch break for example. You may have it at the same time every day, which is outside your control. What you can control and shake up, however, is what you eat for lunch, where you go for lunch, and what you do during your break. The purpose of shaking things up is that it can expose you to new experiences and inspiration, which can then spark some creative thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t mean you have to live on the wild side; it just means you’re opening yourself up to the potential of the next experiences.

2. Try Writing Songs – Are You the Next Great Songwriter?

Do you enjoy listening to music? Are there certain genres, artists, or bands that you connect with? Are you the type that tends to pour over the lyrics and search for deeper meaning? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may have an inner songwriter that is anxious to come out.

Writing music is a very creative art form and is something anyone can do if they put their mind to it. It doesn’t mean you’ll turn into a professional songwriter, but it can be a wonderful hobby. It’s a great way to get your emotions out, tell a story, feel free, and tap into that creative part of your soul. So, what happens if you end up enjoying it so much that you want to learn how to make your own song?

Making music requires you to learn about music production. If you want to know how to make your own song, check the linked guide from You must start from the ground up, looking at every step and process along the way. A place like Pirate Studios can also prove to be very useful since they allow people to book professional-grade studio space in the US, UK, or Germany. You can take that song that you wrote, record it as a digital audio file and then have the freedom to share it with anyone you want.

The great thing about writing music is that there is no right or wrong. You have complete creative freedom when it comes to the lyrics, which can help take away any pressure you may have felt. In fact, the more you can tap into your feelings, the better the song tends to be.

3. Pick Up a Journal and Use It Consistently

Speaking of writing, maybe songwriting isn’t your thing but you still like the idea of writing. A great tip is to pick up a journal and use it regularly. It will seem like a chore at first but, as long as you stick with it, journaling will soon become a habit you don’t think twice about. You can use the journal to recap your day and highlight specific moments, or you can take a more creative approach and write short stories, passages, or even poetry in it.

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Just like with all other types of creative activities, there are no rules. Your journal can be whatever you want it to be. Because it’s private, it can also seem less intimidating. You don’t have to share your entries unless you want to.

4. Stock Up on Art Supplies

Sometimes it’s about having the right tools and materials on hand so that when you do feel that spark of creativity, you can do something about it. Why not make an outing to a local crafting shop and pick up a wide array of art supplies? The goal can be to get a bit of everything, as you never know what will appeal to you at that moment.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the craft store? That’s understandable, especially if you visit one of the large big box crafting retailers. There is aisle after aisle of supplies and unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s going to be important to set some priorities. Here’s a look at some basic art supplies that can help you get started. From this list, you can then pick up items as they appeal to you or as needed:

  • Glue (fabric glue and regular glue)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Good quality heavy-duty scissors
  • A variety of acrylic paints and paintbrushes
  • A couple of different sizes of canvas
  • An easel
  • Pencils and erasers (choose a good quality pencil)
  • A sketch pad or sketchbook
  • Felt
  • Decorative paper
  • Clay

Of course, there are many other items you’ll come across in the crafting store but this will at least be enough to get you started.

5. Allow Nature to Inspire You

Getting past the creative block that may currently stand in your way can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to being creative. Most artists and creative types will tell you that, in this case, it’s important to find inspiration and look at things through clear, fresh eyes. One of the best places to find inspiration is in nature. Why not go for a walk around your neighborhood, do some people-watching at the local park, explore a hiking trail or embark on any other adventure that gets you out of your house and into nature? While exploring nature, feel free to also pick up items that you could use in various craft and art projects.

6. Take a Creative-Minded Class

Just as important as finding inspiration is also learning some basic skills in the creative outlet you have an interest in. Taking a class can arm you with the foundation that you’ll need to feel more confident and allow your inner creativity to brim to the surface.

Some classes you may want to investigate further include:

  • Painting
  • Sewing
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Learning a musical instrument
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Cooking

Each of these has an element of creativity and skill to it.

Becoming more creative in your life should be a multi-pronged approach, meaning you are open to all kinds of new opportunities, experiences, and skills. The more you try and sample, the more creative you’ll become.

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