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NewsWhy You Should Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses at Night

Why You Should Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses at Night

Are musicians the only one who can wear tinted glasses inside even at night? No! In fact, after knowing why you should be wearing blue light blocking glasses, you will say everyone should start wearing them immediately.

Blue light blocking glasses, as the name implies, are designed for blocking blue light most people encounter when it’s dark outside. Their function is the reverse of sunglasses. You are supposed to wear them indoors for blocking artificial light.

These glasses are not expensive. If you can afford the smart home technology, then you can afford them as well. These are equally essential! Here is what Harvard has to say about blue light.

All kinds of artificial lights have the ability to suppress the release of melatonin. The blue light, on the other hand, does that more powerfully. Researchers at Harvard conducted an experiment to compare the effects of exposure of blue light (for 6.5 hours) and green light. The blue light suppressed melatonin twice as long as the green light. This is alarming!

Do anti blue light glasses actually work?

The following reasons further explain why you must wear it:

  1. Better Sleep
  2. Eye Protection
  3. Control Release of Cortisol
  4. Regulate Production of Melatonin
  5. Reduced Risk of Serious Illnesses
  6. Treat Mania

1: Better Sleep

Artificial lights can mess with circadian rhythm and disturb the sleep cycle. Those who work for the night shift are at a higher risk of developing cancer.  Even recreational exposure to blue light is harmful.

It is not just the shift workers, but anyone who is up after dark and looking at sources of blue light such as computer or TV is at risk. Wearing blue light protection glasses you will fall asleep fast.

2: Eye Protection

It can prevent the damage to DHA essential fat present in the retina. The pigment present inside the retina is responsible for converting sunlight into DC electric current that is required by the human body.

3: Control the Release of Cortisol

Cortisol is another hormone in the human body that is responsible for regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. It is also called the stress hormone as the more it’s released, the more stress you experience.

It’s released in the morning the most followed by the day and night on various levels. The relationship between blue light and cortisol is complex. However, experts suggest that when you are exposed to blue light in the dark, it increases the release of cortisol. That might be one reason you are stressed out.

4: Regulate the Production of Melatonin

Speaking of hormones, how can we forget melatonin? It is responsible for controlling the circadian rhythm of the body. The level of melatonin is higher throughout the night. As you are exposed to daylight, the level falls down. It helps us stay active and awake.

When artificial light interfaces with natural light, it suppresses the production of melatonin. It can hence disrupt the circadian rhythm in an individual. If you work during night shifts, it’s better to wear light blocking glasses to stay safe.

5: Reduced Risk of Serious Illnesses

Exposure to blue light can cause serious health issues such as diabetes, depress, obesity, heart diseases, and even cancer. When the melatonin level in the body is messed up, it can become a cause of developing cancer. As the circadian rhythm in a person is altered, it can cause blood sugar to rise. It’s best to wear this glasses at night to keep away from developing such illnesses.

6: Treat Mania

Bipolar patients often experience emotional highs or extreme moods known as mania. When these patients wear blue light glasses, it can improve their sleep pattern and reduce the symptoms of mania

✅ Tips to Avoid Blue Light

Ok, so it’s important that you wear blocking glasses. But apart from that, there are certain tips you and your family must follow to avoid blue light as much as possible:

  • Don’t use LED lights at home
  • Reduce your exposure to tablets, TV, computer, and smartphones after 11.00 PM.
  • Install a blind in your bedroom. When you are about to sleep, turn off all the sources of light. If you are comfortable, wear an eye mask for blocking the unavoidable sources of light.
  • Reduce the brightness of your computer or smartphone screen.
  • Use orange or dim red blubs in your lamps. It is recommended to use a salt lamp instead. It purifies the air and makes the atmosphere soothing.
  • Get as much natural light as you can during the day. This will not just combat your vitamin D deficiency, but it will also ensure you enjoy a good night sleep. Have an early morning walk in the sun for best results.

Don’t be afraid to wear anti blue light glasses at night. These glasses are as accessible as the online personal assistant on your speed dial. Just make sure you are getting them from a trusted brand or provider.

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