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Summer is here! We have all been waiting for summer to come back. It’s time to leave your house and explore tourist attractions in USA. For most of us, summers bring with it life and a completely new wardrobe. But with a new wardrobe should come to a new bunch of gadgets. Especially if you are someone addicted to everything tech!

With all the summer shopping sales and festivals, give your inner child the gift of these essential summer gadgets.

10 Summer Tech Gadgets

  1. Polarized Camera Lenses
  2. Instant-wine-chiller
  3. Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer
  4. Selfie Snap
  5. iRig Voice Microphone
  6. Fujifilm Mini 8 Instax Camera
  7. Mighty Purse
  8. Mason Jar Speaker and Amp
  9. Solar Powered Power Banks
  10. Up24 by Jawbone

#1. Polarized Camera Lenses

Summertime usually means that we would be heading outdoors. If you can’t wait to post that sunrise picture then you need this gadget. A polarized lens for your smartphone camera. These are available on most online stores and are usually not expensive. But they work wonders for your camera pictures.

This small gadget can stick onto most smartphones. They increase the zoom of your camera. And more importantly, keep your pictures looking great. The Polaroid lens gets rid of the pesky sun glare. And fixes the color saturation problem. A must-have on your summer shopping list.

#2. Instant Wine Chiller

Summer is the time to enjoy a glass of wine, or three, in the outdoors. But the only problem is keeping the wine chilled. Because let’s face it, if the wine isn’t chilled, is it really wine?

To overcome this one and only drawback of summer, you need to get an instant wine chiller. This device fits onto the open mouth of the bottle. Then all the magic inside makes your wine come out as chilled as ever. Now you are truly prepared for summer.

#3. Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer

You know that summer is a little bit of a dirty affair. By the end of it, you are going to want to change your phone. Because of all the sand and dirt that gets collected in those impossible to clean places.

Now you don’t have to worry about your lost phone or a new one at the end of every summer. The Phonesoap phone sanitizer is a godsend for people who want to spend their summer outside. Just place the phone in the device and close it. It will automatically start the sanitation process. And your phone will come out looking like new. And since it doesn’t use any water, you don’t need a waterproof phone to use it.

#4. Selfie Snap

Selfie sticks are old news. They are big and difficult to carry around. Especially since your bag will be full of beach necessities. The latest in selfie technology is Selfie Snap.

It is a button that can pair with your phone with an app. Then you can use the button to easily take your selfies. You can also switch between the front and rear cameras on your phone.

#5. iRig Voice Microphone

There always seems to be a lack of entertainment during summer parties. The iRig Voice Microphone can fix all your party planning worries. Your parties will never be boring again.

The iRig Voice Microphone connects with your phone so you can use it anywhere. It can also pair with smartphone karaoke apps. And you know a party isn’t a party without karaoke. Although this is not a cheap gadget, it is definitely something you can’t afford to skip.

#6. Fujifilm Mini 8 Instax Camera

Instead of a simple clip-on lens for your phone, here is the summer must-have alternative. If you can afford one more camera, that is.

The Fujifilm Mini 8 s perfect for outdoors. It has a very unique design that makes it easier to take pictures. Also, it has a bigger screen to preview the pictures. And the picture quality speaks for itself. If you feel that this is going to be a memorable summer, then you need this.

#7. Mighty Purse

The mighty purse is an addition to your wardrobe that doubles as the perfect summer gadget. This summer you need a purse that is sleek and unique. It doesn’t get any better than the Mighty Purse.

It’s a mini shoulder bag or a purse that doubles as a charger for your phone. So now, you can stay out all day in the sunshine and never have to worry about your battery. It may be a little pricey, but whoever said good handbags came cheap!

#8. Mason Jar Speaker and Amp

This outdoor speaker is as unique as it is good. It can connect with most phones and is the best solution for outdoor music. The speaker is small enough to fit in your bag easily since it’s basically a jar.

#9. Solar Charged Power Banks

Why not use the summer and save up on some bills. Using solar charged power banks you don’t need to use electricity to charge your phone.

#10. Up24 by Jawbone

Another accessory to fit your wardrobe and your budget. This high-tech fitness tracker doubles as a trendy accessory for your summer look.


Summer is upon us! In some ways. You can’t imagine a home without your internet and cable services, just like you can’t imagine living without summertime. The sounds and smells of summer make it one of the best seasons of the year.

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