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NewsQuantum Technology | The future is Quantum

Quantum Technology | The future is Quantum

The 2nd Quantum revolution is in the pipeline. It’s already exploiting colossal advancements in our ability to detect and manipulate quantum objects. And yet, many are unfamiliar with this groundbreaking technology. 

Quantum Technology Explained

Quantum Technology or Quantum IT harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics for building powerful tools to process information. This technology is highly popular in scientists for developing new communication networks, computers and sensors for imaging and measuring objects in various ways.

Quantum is an old field of physics, probably a century old. It explains how a matter behaves at the atomic and sub-atomic level.

Quantum technology can be confusing, I know. I remember when I was tutoring physics to a high school kid, Jamie. He could name all shows on ShowTime. He even suggested me I should buy a personal digital assistant. The only thing he couldn’t understand was Coulomb’s Law. I can’t blame the kid, he wasn’t interested in science. But the way technology is progressing, it’s important we all have a basic understanding of Quantum.

First and Second Quantum Revolution

The first quantum revolution was about building devices based on the ability to control electrons and photos. Scientists were able to build PCs, LED lights, GPS, and the Internet. The second quantum revolution is going to be about controlling the quantum state of an individual atomic system. It will be used for creating more advanced technologies to solve problems that were considered impossible earlier.

The new quantum technology could prove to be useful for opening the doors to transformational advances in IT, secure communication, sensors and provide new solutions to pressing challenges in industries such as medicines, security or even shape the global development.

Application for Quantum Technologies

Supercomputing: Quantum computers are being produced to achieve quantum supremacy. The goal is to develop computers that can solve complex problems that were unsolvable by classical computers.

Communication: Quantum communication is more like physical communication supported by Quantum technology. No matter what type of information it is, raw data or video call, it still needs a physical connection. Using quantum methods, this information could be packaged and secures.  In other words, quantum could be used for improving the efficiency and capacity of communication channels. One way of doing that is photonic. It uses light particles and photos to transmit and carry information.

Cryptography: Quantum Key distribution is a cryptographic method that exploits quantum phenomena for producing and sending cryptographic keys in a secure way. It’s an evolution of key-based security protocols that leverage quantum efforts for reducing the risk of hacking, interception, data leakage or decryption.

Sensors, imaging, and measurement: The high precision sensing and imaging tools when used for industrial and commercial applications can help design products such as autonomous vehicle sensors, navigation, medical diagnostics, etc.

The Future is Quantum

When the first quantum revolution came, it transformed the world into a highly connected and technology-driven society. With the second revolution, we can unexpected high precision sensors, clocks for medical diagnosis, customized drug decisions using quantum computers and more.

Computers will be able to solve problems that were impossible to solve before using the current methods. The quantum computers will be using basic units of information called quantum bits or qubits. They are a more powerful version of the traditional bits that carry information.

The 1o to 50 qubit computer prototypes are already accessible online. They are being used for developing quantum apps for practical use and for training the next generation of personnel in quantum IT.

Researchers are setting up long-term projects for harnessing the potential of the new developments in Quantum computing. These sensors can improve the detection of brain functions as well. They could help track human thoughts in real-time.

Where to Go from Here

Quantum technology is not that simple to understand. It’s mostly based on principles that explain the behavior of the microscopic world which is experimentally observed. Most of these concepts are alien to us because they differ from what we experience on a daily basis in our macroscopic world. And this is exactly why it makes sense to learn more about this.

It’s time for companies to start exploring quantum technology with their partners and industry experts. SAP customers always want to have their complex problems resolved and generate faster results. Once quantum computers are set, they will be able to solve a plethora of business problems in the area of warehouse management, supply chain logistics and more.


Internet presence is now a constant thing for all of us. And Quantum is going to make communication secure, help us design new medicines, and even make our business profitable. Its second revolution is just the beginning.

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