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TechFamiSafe App: The top child tracker to protect children in the real...

FamiSafe App: The top child tracker to protect children in the real world

Children, especially those in their teens, are easy targets. An easy target for all the bad influences circulating on the Internet. They can learn new things on the Internet and of course those new things are not always positive. There are many bad websites that target teenagers. They can ruin our children’s future. What’s worse, they not only learn bad things on the Internet, but also put them into practice in the real world. There are many manifestations for that. Your child may start skipping classes a lot, or not actually going to school. You certainly can’t keep an eye on them completely.

You are an ordinary human being who certainly has limitations, both in space and time. Therefore you need a tool that is able to track your children via a GPS network. This tool is often referred to as a location tracker. Today, with just a few clicks you can find many over the counter location trackers. But based on our experience, FamiSafe Parental Control App is one of the best. Of course we have reasons which we will explain in this article. Keep reading!

Why you need FamiSafe App?

Whether it’s surfing the web, using apps, or going somewhere alone, the FamilSafe parental control app loops through parents in all areas of a child’s life. We split the features of FamiSafe in two main parts:

1. Check the whereabouts of your child

This section is the core of the tracking functions offered by FamiSafe. With this tool tracking your children’s real-time location will be much easier than ever. You can minimize their chances of getting into a bad situation in the REAL WORLD.

Geofences: The FamiSafe parental control application allows you to mark various geofences as safe zones. Every time your child enters or leaves any of these geofences, you will be alerted. In addition, the parental control application FamiSafe allows you to use the geo-fencing function flexibly with other features such as screen time and application control.

Location Tracking: Today’s kids have all the access to go wherever they want and getting fake ID photoshopped is child’s play. But the places they carry these cards can be dangerous, much less inappropriate for children. That’s why the parental control app FamiSafe helps you track your kids with a location tracker that gives you a real-time location through location sharing.

Smart schedule: With the FamiSafe parental control app, you not only control your child’s Internet habits, but you can control their entire device. Smart Schedule allows you to preset a device that blocks schedules in certain areas or times, such as bedtime or during school. In this way, you can lock your device at a certain time or place.

2. Control how your child surfs the web

App blocker: The FamilSafe parental control app lets you block any app on your child’s phone, either permanently or for short periods, such as study or sleep time. If your child tries to run a blocked app, you will be notified immediately.

Youtube Content Detection: With over 500 hours of fresh videos uploaded every minute to YouTube, a child is very likely to come across inappropriate videos. But with the parental control app FamiSafe, you can connect to your child’s YouTube account and check if she has subscribed or searched for inappropriate videos.

Web content blocking and filtering: If prevention is better than cure, why wait for your child to find a porn or gambling website and then block it? The parental control application FamilSafe maintains a large database of websites with harmful content so that you can easily block them before your child finds them. You can also block any website manually when necessary.

How to use the FamiSafe app?

The FamilSafe is one of the best parental control apps on the Play Store. It is super easy to use and the child cannot uninstall the application on his device without the password. At first, download it using these links:

Install the FamiSafe parental control app on both your and your child’s phone. For your child’s device, log into your device’s FamiSafe account, choose the identity as Kid, enter your child’s name and age.

For the parent device, please log into your FamiSafe account on your own device and choose the role of parent. This connects you to your child’s device, so that you can track your child’s device and make any parental control settings from your phone.

How about the pricing FamiSafe app?

The FamiSafe parental control app offers a 3-day free trial when you sign up, while subscription plans vary accordingly. Monthly = $9.99/month; Quarterly = $19.99/3 months; and Yearly = $59.99/year.

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You can never be a good parent, but you can try. With this location tracker you can at least find out where your children are when they are not with you. This is the most important thing because you can prevent them from going into areas not designated for their age. While other features contribute to the prevention of harm in cyberspace, some of which can encourage your children to do bad things in the real world.


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