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Fashion & Lifestyle4 Ethnic Styles to Look Gorgeous

4 Ethnic Styles to Look Gorgeous

Indian ethnic clothing has earned several admirers from all over the globe. The way designers create traditional attires is really incredible. All types of clothing especially the four mentioned in this infographic require a lot of attention to the detail. Ethnic clothes are a staple in celebrations such as festivals and weddings.

Let’s take a peep into the four ethnic styles mentioned in this infographic.

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1. Anarkali Suits

The traditional Anarkali suit is an opulent and beautiful ethnic attire that symbolizes a rich Indian history. It came into existence during the Mughal era. Though Anarkali suits today have undergone several changes keeping the current fashion trends in mind still the essence of Mughal dressing reflects in the styles of the latest Anarkali suits.

2. Lehengas

The lehenga is a three-piece outfit comprising a choli-fitting blouse, the lehenga- a long skirt and a dupatta which covers the head and mid-riff, depending on how one likes to drape it, going by the event. Lehengas became popular as an outfit in North India during the 10th century. The ancient form of lehenga was stitched mainly from cotton after which beautiful embroideries and royal fabrics like brocade and silk were used making it further evolve into royal outfit. The bridal lehenga has also merged and imbibed with global trends. From tailoring the lehenga choli in modern silhouettes to lending designer elements, urban motifs and styles, the Lehenga Choli is constantly being given a new avatar.

3. Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is a traditional attire that originated in the Indian sub-continent and is also known as Punjabi suit as it is the ethnic dress worn by Punjabi women. This outfit comprises a pair of trousers, a tunic (kameez) and a dupatta. A loth of alterations and transformations have been done in this style over time and today you can find a several different variations in this traditional outfit.

4. Saree

Saree is one of the most celebrated and traditional Indian clothing and is considered to be the quintessential ethnic attire for women. It has also achieved a considerable amount of International acclaim. With time the styles and materials have evolved, traditional styles and varieties are being re-discovered and lauded universally, designers also come up with fusion fashion and gorgeous innovations every day.

Scroll through the infographic to get more information about these four Indian ethnic styles.

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