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Fashion & LifestyleChoosing the best eyeglasses for your personality

Choosing the best eyeglasses for your personality

The 2020 eyewear trends bring forward an overwhelming variety of glasses and sunglasses so it can get daunting to choose the right frame to compliment your personality. If you believe your prescription glasses to be a fashion accessory more than a mere tool to correct an optical defect, you would want to choose your glasses carefully. Here is the ultimate guide for finding the right frame for your face:

Right frame for your face shape

  • Round faces: Round faces have softer angles with high cheekbones. They need glasses that can add angles to their face and accentuate their features. For this purpose, glasses with sharp lines like a square or rectangular glasses work best on round-shaped faces.
  • Square faces: Square shaped faces are characterized by bold features with sharp cheekbones and jawlines and an equally proportionate face. They look best in round glasses that help to soften their features.
  • Heart-shaped faces: With a broad forehead narrowing down to the jawline, heart-shaped faces look great in almost every style of eyeglasses. However, they can go with wayfarer glasses or frames with highlighted lower rims to further accentuate their features.
  • Triangular faces: These are exactly opposite to heart-shaped faces with their broad jawline that narrows up to the forehead. To bring a proportion, they can choose frames with highlighted upper rims like browline and cat-eye glasses that have a frame front slightly wider than their forehead.

Frames for different situations

  • College: When you are in college, you have the liberty to experiment with your style. You can choose frames as subtle as plain wayfarers or as fancy as statement glasses, it all depends on your mood and the occasion.
  • Work from home: Work from home eyewear needs to be super comfortable, lightweight and sturdy. For this purpose, acetate material rectangular or round glasses can be the best choice.
  • Work from office: After months of lockdown, most of us are returning back to our offices. To walk back in style, you can choose classic thin rim glasses in round shape or more modern shapes like a cat-eye.
  • Movie night: When you want to spend an entire night in front of a screen, make sure you add an anti-blue light coating on your lenses to block the high-intensity blue light rays emitted by digital screens from entering your eyes.

Top eyewear trends of 2020

  • Cat-eye glasses: Bold and sassy cat-eye glasses are the most popular choice for women’s glasses. Whatever be your mood – the mysterious beauty or the bossy babe, cat-eye glasses add enough charm and elegance to your look.
  • Round glasses: Round glasses have always been in trend. This year, thin rim round glasses and acetate round glasses in transparent frame or tortoiseshell print are gaining extreme popularity.
  • Geometrical glasses: Are you looking for a pair of glasses that can make you stand out? Geometric glasses are the hottest trend of the season that can help to highlight and define your facial features.
  • Transparent glasses: The ultra-modern and furnished transparent glasses in subtle tints of pastel blue, green, peach, especially dusty pink are everywhere! There are other designs with transparent frame front and metal temples available in the eyewear market.
  • Rectangular glasses: Rectangular glasses are the first choice for men’s glasses. This year, the oversized, thick rim rectangular glasses and sunglasses are in popular trend. The basic rectangular and wayfarer glasses are undoubtedly the most subtle and comfortable choice for eyewear.
  • Oversized glasses: The covid-19 pandemic has clearly affected the eyewear trends of 2020 and 2021 as we see a wonderful collection of huge, face-shielding glasses that can make the wearer feel protected against the virus.
  • Tortoiseshell glasses: If you are bored of basic and plain colours of black, brown, maroon, and grey, and you want a frame that is soft on your face and adds a subtle radiance to your complexion, tortoiseshell frames are the right choice for you.

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