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Fashion & LifestyleA Great Beard Adds To a Man’s Personality. What Are You Doing...

A Great Beard Adds To a Man’s Personality. What Are You Doing For Your Beard?

Your beard can turn heads and raise eyebrows. To elucidate, a whole movement called the ‘No Shave November’ was once introduced to raise cancer awareness. Trending out big in social media it had also brought the beard to the center stage of men’s fashion. The men who participated had to give up shaving for a month. Today, growing a beard is part of fashion. You must, therefore, groom it well and take care of it. Maintaining a beard is not really complicated. Apart from normal washing and trimming, you can use any Ayurvedic beard oil, which is also reputed to be the best beard oil in India.

To zero in on your best Indus Valley Ayurvedic beard oil lookout for natural ingredients like Argon Oil, Licorice Oil, Sandalwood, Brahmi, Orange Peel, etc. They leave no side effects while helping in growing your beard hair faster. Also, the areas where you do not have any hair, an Ayurvedic beard oil would populate those difficult spots as well. Suitable for those who have zero hair on their face these oils work on all skin types. You can apply it as many times on your face as the natural substances won’t cause you any harm. There are many reputed Ayurvedic beard oils that are easily available online and offline.

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How to use an Ayurvedic beard oil:

  1. Wash your beard properly then pat dry it with a towel. You can also use a hairdryer.
  2. Take a few drops of the beard oil according to your beard length then using your fingertips apply it on your beard. Apply the oil in down to upwards motion so that the oil reaches the roots of your beard hair.
  3. Rest it for 2 to 3 hours then wash it off. Oils which are naturally extracted are not sticky unless the source itself is. They also carry the natural fragrance of their source, so contain no artificial fragrances and preservatives.

A few tips for getting the best results from Ayurvedic beard oil:

  1. Leave your beard untouched for 4-6 weeks for getting the right length. Choose the preferred beard style which suits your face shape and trim the beard accordingly.
  2. Make sure you wash your beard regularly. Washing will remove the dirt from your beard as well as from the skin underneath. Scrub your beard and use a conditioner too. Dry your beard by patting it gently as rubbing it harsh with a towel can cause split ends and spoil its shape.
  3. Use a natural beard oil. Good Ayurvedic beard oil will nourish your beard. It will also increase its length and thickness.
  4. Comb your beard regularly. It is important that you look after your beard as your hair. Always comb it downwards.
  5. Most importantly, a healthy diet is always required for a good beard. Like drinking water can glow your skin and eating proteins helps in growing your hair, similarly, your beard requires a diet chart. Eat proteins, iron, whole grains, avocados to get a good, thick beard. Avoid vitamin supplements as these are more harmful than good and can cause serious health issues going forward.
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One of the best beard oil in India that is also trending as a result-oriented Ayurvedic beard oil is Indus Valley’s 100% Pure & Natural Beard Oil. Power-packed with the natural extracts of organically grown Onions, Argan, Brahmi, Methi, Olive, Patchouli, Coffee, Lavender, Jojoba, Apricot, Bergamot, Coconut, Almond, Shea Butter, Grapeseed, Wheatgerm, Black Pepper, and Aloe Vera, it is a gem amongst organic oils currently doing the round in fashion circles. Try it and enjoy a stellar beard worth emulating.

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