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Fashion & Lifestyle4 surprising uses of garment bags which you never knew before!

4 surprising uses of garment bags which you never knew before!

When you’re investing in a good brand of clothing/ or any dress which comes with a great price, you’d always try to protect it from getting damaged. When clothes are kept outside unattended there are high chances that they can be attacked by insects. It is important to keep your out-of-season clothes in the garment bag before you hang them in your closet or your clothing rack because it will keep them dust-free, will prevent your clothes catching months and many other unwanted elements. People have to get their clothes dry-cleaned when they don’t keep their clothes in garment bags during the offseason. If you like creativity, you will for sure love to go for personalized garment bags. That name on the garment bag is a whole different feeling!

Here comes the best part of garment bags, when travelling the travellers can keep suits, skirts, blouses and shirts wrinkle-free. They can hang the clothes in their vehicle or have the flight attendance hang the clothes on the aircraft in a special compartment. In addition, when going by other forms of transportation to secure their clothing, they may use these garment bags.

On cloudy weather, individuals will prevent moisture from damaging their clothing, especially as they leave the dry cleaners to return home. Some fabrics are very water-sensitive and can grow unsightly watermarks.

What are the other alternative uses which will make you want more:

  • Linen Shop

For secure storage, silk or other fine sheets of material, curtains and tablecloths can be pulled tight into a garment bag. In a garment bag, you can also store delicate lace linen.

Use an acid-free tissue paper to separate parts so they can be kept nicely until you need them, this works in a scenario if you are preparing to stack delicate materials within a single clothing bag. In a cool dry place, store your garment bag before you need your fine linen again.

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  • Furniture protection:

Often the furniture material such as cushions, couch, or even chairs get stained by some visitors or the pets in the house. To keep the material safe from pets and visitors it is advised to have an open-bottomed garment bag which can be used to slip over the chair and cushions as well to protect them. You can place large size garment bags on the outdoor chairs to protect them from rain and even when you’re looking to sit down in a dry place.

  • Shoes Organize

You can put seasonal shoes that you don’t wear most of the year in grocery sacks and then put them in a clothing bag. This organising strategy frees up storage space in your closet because you are not going to use the floor or shelves to hold your seasonal footwear. Mark garment bags inside the bags with the form of shoes, work shoes, outdoor shoes, etc so that you can find what you are looking for quickly.

  • Cookbooks in the house:

Creative ideas can save so much for you! Here’s an idea, use a transparent garment bag to keep your cookbooks. All you have to do is with the help of the garment bag put the books on their sides with their titles facing outwards. This works if you have a collection of numbers of books or other reading material which you like to read often. Without having to use shelves in your kitchen or other areas of the house, you can easily unzip your garment bag to grab the book you want.

Sound quite different, but gifting custom garment bags to someone close to you isn’t a bad idea. You can have their name printed on it.

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