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Spray Painting Tips to Get the Perfect Finish

Spray painting is always an easy way to paint your household things like furniture, doors and other stuff. Spray painting is a painting technique in which a device sprays coating material like paint, ink, varnish use through the air onto a surface. For perfect finish spray painters in Ascot prepared some tips and tricks that will make you paint like a pro.

1. Avoid drips

Basically, spray paint drips like that you have applied way too much paint. However, I came to find out that it becomes far much difficult to spray paint vertically. It becomes way easier to get a perfect finish when you only paint surfaces that facing upward. In this way if we apply more than enough paint then it will even out itself. This tip helps you to do paint without any dripping.

2. Carefully turn the object while you are painting

Spray painting is easier than regular painting. However, it becomes difficult to handle itself. Although the paint on the object is dried enough to touch but wait for a second! There is something waiting for us that can create a mess. It is none other than the plastic you used to place an object on to. Plastic protects the surface below it. Large pieces of somewhat we paint will peel off the protective covering and stick to your painted object. They are usually hard to get off. I have the best way to prevent this kind of situation. It is so simple, all us must do is to use a fresh piece of plastic whenever you moved painted pieces off your work area.

3. Spraying thickly can cause cracks

If you spray paint thickly (multiple coats that are more than enough) can simply cause cracks. Please avoid it. They are honestly hard to get rid of! So, the lesson by MDF spray painting to learn here is: work patiently. Simply apply the first thin coat and let it even down, then after a few minutes apply the second coat of paint (and three is even better). All I am trying to say is you can re-coat spray paint in a few minutes. By this simple lesson, you can get good coverage and there will be no crack.

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4. Never spray paint under the sun directly

If we spray under the sun it can cause so many bumps on the surface of the object. Most of the spraying cans have instructions that how to use them. Among those instructions, there is clearly mentioned that not to spray in direct sunlight. I never paid attention to this matter. As a result, I slowly noticed the roughness in the paint and face all the hurdles to fix it. When I perform spray painting in the sunlight, I noticed that paint dries in the air before it hits the surface and causes little bumps. So, avoid painting under the sun directly and enjoy the smooth painting experience.

5. Shake the cane before you use

This is another one of the most important instruction to use spray paint, is to shake it well before you use. This can make a huge difference in the result of paint, I never noticed this instruction and ignored it. If we don’t shake the cane properly the paint inside it will not even out. By shaking it a couple of times or for a minute we can get rid of problems. Problems such as (not getting the actual color of paint). So, if you want to get proper results and color shake well before you use spray paint.

Follow the above tips and enjoy the smoothing paint experience.

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