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SocialWhat questions you must ask a pharmacist before ordering medicines online?

What questions you must ask a pharmacist before ordering medicines online?

Ordering medicines online is a very convenient option. If you can buy quality medicines at affordable prices online, you should not hesitate to order. However, you should ask your pharmacist a few questions to know whether you are buying the right medicines from the right source.


The following questions you must ask a pharmacist before ordering medicines online:


What is the name of the medication?


Medicines have a generic name and brand name. The generic name is also called as the common name. You should know whether the label on the medication shows the common name, brand name, or both. If more than one manufacturer manufactures a medicine, the brand name will be mentioned on the label. It will contain the common name also.


What is the purpose of the medication?


When you are ordering the medication, you should understand the purpose of the medication. Some medications are meant for curing the sickness, and others are meant to alleviate the pain or control the symptoms.


How to consume medicine?


There are medications meant for external and internal applications. If you are using an internal medication, you should understand the procedure to take medicine. If it is a tablet, you will take it with water. Some kinds of syrups should be diluted with water. The specific instructions given by the manufacturer should be followed. You can ask the pharmacist if you have any specific queries.


What is the dosage of medication?


The dosage of medicine is very much necessary. Generally, physicians prescribe the medicine as per the age, weight, and health condition of the patient. You should never exceed the prescribed limits. If you have any concerns, you can ask the pharmacists.


Should you take medication before or after the food?


Some kinds of medicines should be taken before eating food. People undergoing thyroid correction should consume the tablet before taking the food. Similarly, diabetics should go through the regular medication course as per the prescription. You can ask the online pharmacist to figure out the right time to consume medication.


How long should I use the medication?


There are medications used for a brief period or based on the symptoms. For example, fever tablets are used on an SOS basis. Some medications meant for gastroenteritis are used for a short-term (one or two weeks).


Therapeutic medications such as thyroid disorder or diabetes should be used throughout the lifetime.

Hence, you can consult the online pharmacist about the dosage and frequency of medication usage before placing an order.


Are there any side effects on using the medication?


This is an important question. The pharmacist will guide you when you stop the medication if you experience severe side effects.


Some side effects, such as nausea and diarrhea, are very common when you undergo antibiotic medications. The pharmacist will guide you in managing the side effects. In some cases, the dosage will be decreased as per the condition of the patient.


If there are serious side effects, immediate medical attention is required. You can consult the pharmacist to take further steps while experiencing severe side effects.


Is the medication safe for breastfeeding or pregnant ladies?


Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should not use certain medications. You can consult the pharmacist before taking medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


How can I store the medication?


You can ask the pharmacist about the preservation of the medicines. Some kinds of medicines should be stored under controlled temperature. Most of the medications can be stored at room temperature. The pharmacist will guide in taking the most appropriate steps to preserve the medicine.




It would help if you bought medicines from a licensed and verified online store to get quality medicines at your doorstep. If you have questions while placing an order, you should contact the pharmacist directly to get the most appropriate answer. 

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