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EntertainmentSituation ship: More than Friends with Benefits but not a Relationship

Situation ship: More than Friends with Benefits but not a Relationship

Nowadays, people are always in different types of relationships. However, most of these attachments can be defined. For instance, you can be friends with benefits, hookups, and so on. But there is another type of relationship that you cannot define. This is typically known as a situation ship. You are not in a relationship with someone, you are in an FWB situation, but you have a romantic attachment. A situation ship is more than an FWB relationship, but it is also less than a full-blown relationship.

So, what is a situation ship?

A situation ship is far from a traditional romantic relationship. It involves two people who like each other. It seems like a friendship, but it’s more than a friendship because these people are romantically involved. These people have more than a no-strings-attached relationship. So, the people involved in a situation ship are undoubtedly emotionally invested in each other.

Nonetheless, they are not ready to date each other exclusively. And even though that level of commitment is not there, they get along incredibly well. The bottom line is that a situation ship is more than friends with benefits but not a relationship.

In case you are wondering why situation ships are becoming popular, it is because they are less demanding. The expectations in these romantic relationships are not as high as those in traditional relationships. This takes the pressure out of the equation. And because of this, the experience can be tremendously blissful.

So, why aren’t people openly saying that they are in situation ships? Well, this kind of thing is label-less. There is a lot of freedom in situation ships. When you are in one, you can talk about things that you’d never mention while in a relationship.

What we can say is that the parties in a situation ship have some sort of agreement. It may not be an ordinary romantic relationship, but they know they see each other somehow. Besides that, they can still interact and have sex with other people outside of the it. What happens is that they will not ask each other much about the other encounters. Most of the time, a situation ship works out so well that the parties involved don’t want to introduce unwarranted pressure that’s typically experienced in mainstream dating. Unfortunately, a situation ship doesn’t work out for long because one person starts wondering where it is headed.

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How do situation ships happen?

How situation ships happen

Situation ships are part of the hookup culture. They somewhat intertwined with the social media generation. When everybody knows that you are dating, there is a lot at stake. Most folks perceive a break up as a loss of individual social status. With situation ships, the parties involved don’t have to worry about that. The risk of public humiliation tremendously limited. Although the term situation ship first emerged in 2017 in a college setting, you might hear about it more often and in other environments today.

Now that you know what a situation ship is, you may realize that you have been in one, or you would like to be one. Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts because it may not last long.

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