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Fashion & LifestyleWhat Electrical Work is Needed in a Bathroom?

What Electrical Work is Needed in a Bathroom?

Bathrooms seem to get quite damp every day. In addition to this, they can occasionally use quite a lot of power. What this means is that bathroom wiring needs to be undertaken correctly. However, not everyone is aware that bathrooms need electrical work. Let’s take a look at what electrical is needed in everyone’s bathroom.


Every bathroom in the country needs a lot of lighting. This is because they don’t tend to have much natural light. In fact, some bathrooms don’t have any natural light at all. This is why there needs to be adequate lighting in every bathroom. Not only does lighting help people to see but it can also make it easier to see your reflection in the mirror.

Please note, that bathrooms need special light fixtures. They should help to protect the light from the damp that’s created when you take a bath or shower. If there’s a chance that the light might be sprayed with water, it should be suitable for wet locations.

Power Outlets

Many bathrooms need power outlets so that you can use a hairdryer, a razor, or other appliances. Please note that only a professional electrician should install a power outlet. The outlet will need to be wired for multiple location protection. This means it will need to protect every outlet that is downstream and on the same circuit.

Ventilation Fans

We all know that bathrooms can contain a lot of moisture. This is especially the case after a shower or a bath. Here is where at least one ventilation fan can help. It’s recommended that you have a fan even if your bathroom has a window. This is because the fan will help to draw the moisture out of your bathroom.

Another benefit of having a ventilation fan in your bathroom is that you won’t lose quite as much heat as you would if you opened a window. This could prove to be useful when the weather turns cold. You can keep your window closed and the warm air in while the damp air is quickly removed.

Bathroom Circuits

Wiring plans for bathrooms contain a GFCI-protected circuit that runs on 20 amps, a ventilation fan, and a 15 amp circuit for lighting. This is a very basic wiring plan and does not account for extra lights or other circuits. If you need a new circuit, you will have to hire a professional to do the job for you. This is because the circuit can be quite complicated.

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As you can see, quite a bit of electrical work is needed in even the smallest of bathrooms. The electrical work can help us to see, it can help us to use a hair dryer, and keep the bathroom free from damp. Please make sure that you always turn the power off before you undertake any electrical work. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire an electrician as they’ll know how to do the work safely.

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