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News5 Reasons You Should Avoid Tap Water at All Costs

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Tap Water at All Costs

Nearly don’t drink tap water as many of us don’t think it’s potable.

Drinking tap water makes sense, but there are many incidents where a city’s water supply is brimming with toxins that put our lives at risk. Perhaps you’re on the fence about drinking tap water, but you’re not sure whether to give it up for good.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five reasons to ditch tap water today.

1. Contains Heavy Metals

There’s little water purity with tap water, as it contains traces of heavy metals.

This includes mercury, lead, and aluminum which cause contaminated water. If you drink this for an extended period, then you’re at the risk of suffering from brain deformities and Alzheimer’s disease.

Further, many old pipes are galvanized which leads to cadmium leaking into the water. This can cause kidney issues and even bone softening, both are irreversible.

2. Packed With Herbicides and Pesticides 

Another reason you should never drink from a tap is that it contains herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals are used in gardens or farms to kill insects and eliminate toxic plants.

Often, these toxins sneak into water supplies can make you feel weak, cause headaches, and worsen any allergies you have. But it’s possible to reduce this risk by using fridge filters in your home.

3. Contains Bacteria

A major risk with unfiltered water is that it contains bacteria.

E.coli, for example, is often found in contaminated water and indicates the water has traces of animal or sewage waste. When you drink this, you’ll feel nauseous, experience abdominal tenderness, and diarrhea.

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Your tap water may also contain legionella, which can affect your lungs and cause multiple infections around your body.

4. Has Arsenic

Arsenic is from agricultural and industrial pollution, which can then contaminate your drinking water. It’s also a known rat poison.

If you suffer from arsenic poisoning, you may become partially paralyzed, blind, and experience numb feet or hands. So before you drink tap water, contact your council to figure out if there are any levels of arsenic present.

5. Contains Chlorine and Fluoride 

Although we rely on chlorine to , we don’t want it in our tap water.

If you drink this, you may develop a chronic cough, find it difficult to breathe, and have a tight chest. This is because when chlorine reacts with the water, it produces a corrosive acid that wreaks havoc on your body.

Further, tap water contains fluoride. This mineral is crucial for our teeth and bone health, but excess amounts can cause severe skeletal issues.

Stop Drinking Tap Water Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know why drinking tap water is dangerous.

Know that tap water contains traces of heavy metal, pesticides, and even poisonous chemicals like arsenic. Because of this, avoid drinking tap water but if you have little choice then invest in a filter to purify it. Good luck!

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