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TravelWhat Places You Must Go If You Ever Decide to Visit Gurgaon?

What Places You Must Go If You Ever Decide to Visit Gurgaon?

Gurgaon – Do you like to travel? To visit places that have a meaning or maybe someone has asked you to go there because they enjoyed the place (Word of mouth works everywhere).

Do you also have a sort of bug inside you that starts bouncing up and down out of excitement when a plan to travel comes up?

What is your own meaning of traveling? New places, new cultures, new ethnicities, different cuisines, shopping, and to sum it up: a new experience.

Either it is to have snow fun in winters or to learn something new from ancient places, everyone loves it when the best places are recommended to explore, right?

The Westin Gurgaon is one of the best places to stay when you visit Gurgaon. Excellent staff, great hospitality, and all the measures are taken to ensure your safety.

Now, let’s get to the point. Are you excited to know about the places you can surely enjoy in Gurgaon?

Places To Visit Gurgaon

There are multiples places you can go to with different purposes.  Like:

  • If you want to visit historical places, museums, etc., there are numerous places there which will spark up your excitement.

For example,

  • Mata Sheetala Devi Mandir, a temple built to declare the defeat of Mughals,
  • Oxygen chamber which has anti-polluting plants within the whole place,
  • Kingdom of Dreams which will give you the opportunity to have a live theatrical experience,
  • Damdama lake with serene beauty,
  • Leisure Valley park, a perfect place to relax and roam around,
  • Vintage Camera museum displaying thousands of artifacts,
  • Vimla Art gallery, whoever loves art will have a great time here.
  • Farrukh Nagar Fort gives a sneak peek about the past of the place,
  • NeverEnuf garden railway, a place to revive all the childhood memories,
  • AppuGhar, a place to enjoy during summers with appealing slides and delightful food,
  • Heritage Transport museum will flash the history of automobile and aeronautics in India,
  • Museum of Folk and Tribal Arts with wooden and metalwork, paintings, etc. based on tribal culture and Indian folk,
  • Aravalli Biodiversity, a habitat to different species of birds and animals,
  • Botanix Nature resort, a place that gives a chance to all those people who have a hectic schedule, a way to escape that chaos and engage with nature.
  • Molecule Air bar, one of the most attractive microbreweries,
  • Sultanpur Bird sanctuary, a paradise for a birdwatcher.
  • There are many cafés like Chaayos, Roots – Café in the the park, Guftagu, Café wondurlust, etc. All of these cafes give a great ambiance and a space to enjoy yourself and the people along with you.

Romantic places in Gurgaon

A romantic date it is, or just hanging out with your buddies, everything will turn into the most beautiful moments that will definitely bring a small nostalgic smile on your face.

  • If you want to enjoy any internet cafe or feel like enjoy indoor or outdoor recreational activities, you can visit places like:
  • Sky Jumper Trampoline Park,
  • Qutub Golf course,
  • Fun and food village
  • Wet and wild,
  • Lohagarh farms,
  • Esc.,
  • F9 Go Karting,
  • The Paintball Co.,
  • iSkate,
  • Smaaash,
  • Flyboy Aeropark,
  • Cyber hub,
  • Camp Tikkling.

Best Must Go Places

These are all of the best destinations to turn your trip into a successful one. Every soul will feel the excitement and the experience is beyond your expectations.

  • If you are a shopping person who would not seize any opportunity to find new and trendy clothes to wear, you may like
  • The best one is the Ambience mall. Everyone is aware of this mall. A lot of the best brands are there from where you can do shopping. The place is so huge with different places like smaaash and PVR multiplex. The food courts also cover the restaurants with the best food quality and taste.
  • Sahara mall, one of the oldest shopping malls in Gurgaon. Big Bazaar is occupying the most part where you can buy daily necessities, a destination offering you every little important thing. There are small carts offering delicious snacks too.
  • Plaza mall is along among the best and old shopping mall lists along with Sahara mall. There are more shops offering you products with regular convenient products.
  • DLF city center, you can explore this place and buy different accessories for your home. You can purchase different traditional clothing from Meena Bazar and shop from various outlets there. There are a number of dining options available.
  • MGF mega city, a place where you can have a lot of fun as well as a sense of satisfaction after been through the arcade, pubs, or the many brand showrooms.
  • MGF Metropolitan, this mall offers various famous brand showrooms and the PVR multiplex also offers the latest and best movies. There are different sections for kids and metropolitan is right next to the mall.
  • Gurgaon central, this mall is famous because of its best outlets offering accessories and apparel. People of any age people, either it is kids or adults can buy formal or daily-wearing clothes.

Final Thoughts

If you are still not satisfied, they are still a lot of them. If you have plenty of time, don’t miss them. Every time you think “Where should you go for?” Fresh ideas come up and sometimes so many of them that you get confused about what you actually want.

Gurgaon is a specular place with wonderful tourist destinations which can enhance your wisdom as well as make your trip worth it with every stop you make. It is a fantastic place offering you a variety of views that any tourist would never want to miss.

Still confused? Have a seat and a glass of water. You must calculate all the plus points before coming to the final decision and visiting Gurgaon is definitely the right idea.

So, if you have finally decided to visit Delhi-NCR, must give a try atthe Westin Gurgaon hotel, one of the best hotels in Gurgaon. They provide extraordinary services with full-proof safety measures.

You can book a hotel and have a peaceful and memorable experience with your loved ones.

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