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TravelNorway Northern Lights – A Fabulous Display of Colors

Norway Northern Lights – A Fabulous Display of Colors

Northern Lights in Norway are one of the most beautiful sights in the world to see. Northern lights are the physical occurrence of lights on the sky due to the rush of the electrically charged particles from the sun towards the earth. You can see these lights when the particles come to contact with the gases. Due to the magnetic field of the earth, the particles get attracted towards the south and north poles of the earth.

In the Northern Lights, you can see many different colors of lights. By seeing this great sight, you can have a completely different experience in your lifetime. These lights spread over 90 to 150 kilometers in the atmosphere of the earth. You can view red, yellow, green, blue and purple colour in the Northern Lights.

Why Northern Lights are seen in Norway?

Norway is a country near the north magnetic pole of the earth. It is located in the high latitude area so the Northern Lights are perfectly visible in the northern parts of the country. In northern Norway, you can see the Northern Lights in most of the nights. Northern Norway is the place to see the Northern Lights properly.

Apart from that, the temperatures in some areas in Norway are suitable for the tourists to visit and view this incredible sight. So many people visit Norway to explore the view of the Northern Lights.

When the Northern Lights are visible in Norway?

To view the Northern Lights, the darkness is important. So in the summer, it is very hard to see this beautiful sight. In the winter Norway experiences darkness for more time compared to the summer. So this is the perfect time to explore this beautiful sight in Norway. You can visit this place in between October and March the see the Northern Lights up to a great extent. It is next to impossible to see this happening in June and July. If you are planning to visit Norway to view Northern Lights, you must plan to visit this place from October to March; otherwise, you may miss this excellent view.

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The common time of appearing the Northern Lights is from 6 pm to 1 am. In between this time, the Northern Lights can be seen at any time. But, after 1 pm the chances of viewing the Northern Lights decreases.

Places for viewing the Northern Lights in Norway:

The Northern Lights can be seen perfectly in the northern regions of Norway. In this region, there are so many popular locations to grasp this incredible event in your eyes.

  1. Alta
  2. Tromso
  3. Lofoten Islands
  4. Helgeland
  5. Senja Island

1. Alta

Alta is known as the city of Northern Lights because it is the northernmost region of the country from where the Northern Lights are visible perfectly. At 70 degrees latitude, you can view this event excellently in this city.

2. Tromso

In the winter season, Tromso is a perfect place to see the Northern Lights. In the summer, this place gets less time of darkness so not suitable for viewing the Northern Lights. This place is also known as the capital of the Northern Lights as it is very popular to see this event in the winter. You should visit Tromso in between September and April to see the Northern Lights perfectly.

3. Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Island is a popular location in Norway for a matchless view of the Northern Lights. With the surroundings of beautiful mountains, you can have a great time at this place. In these Islands, you can visit some beaches for better experiences.

4. Helgeland

It is a great location in Norway to view the Northern Lights. Helgeland is the place to do kayaking on the sea. To have more fun, you should visit this place during the winter. Helgeland is also popular for skiing.

5. Senja Island

It is one of the popular locations in Norway for viewing the Northern Lights. As cities have light pollutions, this unique place attracts most of the visitors to see the Northern Lights perfectly.

Apart from the above locations, Norway has several other locations that attract visitors to see the Northern Lights. Svalbard, Hammerfest, Lyngenfjord, Vesteralen islands, Varanger, North Cape, Narvik, etc. are the popular places in Norway to explore the beautiful sight of the Northern Lights.

Things to do:

In your trip to see the Northern Lights, you can do many activities until it happens on the sky.

Go on a light tour

In a light tour, you will travel by bus, boat or car and explore the natural views of the location. It can be a better activity than sitting idly and waiting for the Northern Lights.

Do skiing

If you are at a location to see the Northern Lights where skiing is possible, then you can do this adventure to have a better experience.


It is another activity to view the great natural views while travelling.

So viewing the Northern Lights in Norway can be an unforgettable experience of your life. You can go to any location in Norway for viewing this wonderful sight according to your convenience.

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