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TravelAre you in Memphis? Try these 7 Dishes without Fail!

Are you in Memphis? Try these 7 Dishes without Fail!

Not having a traveling partner does not stop me from exploring interesting places and unexplored lands. Traveling alone seems like a mind-unwinding process to me. Solo travel lets you unleash your spirits and taste freedom like never before. It lets you introspect and view everything from a different and deeper perspective. I have been so much moved by my solo travel experiences that I now transplant the idea of “being alone” to my daily hang out plans. Yes, you read that right! I like visiting new places and trying never-tried things ALONE! It just allows me to do things without being too calculative about every minor stuff. My all-time advice to my readers is, stop thinking about how others perceive you and your idea of spending time alone. Shed your inhibitions, rejuvenate your mind, and have fun while trying out every interesting thing out there!

How does it feel going out alone in Memphis?

 As a Memphis resident, all I can say is, the city is impassioned like no other. As a person that looks for spending some quality time alone, Memphis lets me make unique experiences. From touring historic museums to reading a book under a tree shade in a tranquil garden, you can indulge in a range of activities. Mostly hanging out alone, I occasionally make a few new friends for a change. We are social animals, after all. Among many other things, what I absolutely love about hanging out alone is trying out lip-smacking dishes.

Did you think I would not mention Memphis-famous BBQs? Well, that cannot be when talking about the Tennesse City. I am ready to bear the entire bill, as long as I do not have to share my food with anyone! That is one interesting benefit of going out alone. Do you not agree? Whether you are alone or accompanied by your friends in Memphis, take a cue from my suggestions on must-try dishes. So, would you like to plunge into an amazing food-scout session with me? Keep reading and swooning over amazing dishes!

Here are some dishes you cannot miss when in Memphis

  1. BBQ chicken nachos
  2. Lobster pronto pup
  3. Bacon salad
  4. BBQ spaghetti
  5. Shrimp wrapped in bacon
  6. Steak with fried pickles
  7. Tender and fried chicken

1. BBQ Chicken Nachos

Topped with black beans, tortilla chips, and melted cheese, this dish tastes nothing but excellent. If you want, you can order additional toppings of your choice. I am, so fascinated with this dish that it has become my patent food order at most eateries. Try this delicacy and I am sure you will not regret it. Oh, you can thank me later on!

2. Lobster Pronto Pup

Anyone who has a penchant for fancy appetizers, will drool over this amazing dish. Mildly battered, the lobster meat tastes scrumptious due to the addition of mustard sauce. The mix of chewy meat with light crisps is a hit among food lovers (that includes me, of course) in Memphis.

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3. Bacon Salad

Looking for a dish that is healthy and low on calories? I suggest you try bacon salad. With tomato and green dressing, you get the right doses of the necessary nutrients. Most restaurants serve you tender and tasty bacon, so you can stay assured of good quality. If you are on a diet, feel free to cut out the mayonnaise topping.

4. BBQ Spaghetti

Take a stroll around Beale Street and you can see plenty of BBQ eateries. Do not miss out on BBQ spaghetti, for it is called the local food icon for a reason. Although not thoroughly barbequed, its smoky flavor is quite irresistible. All it took me was the first bite to fall in love with it. I am sure you will feel the same way.

5. Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon

I like my shrimps wrapped in bacon. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is one of the commonly found mouth-watering dishes in Memphis. I find the combined taste of shrimp and bacon way too tempting. Give it a try and I am confident that we are going to be on the same page. So, savor its taste for your dinner tonight.

6. Steak with Fried Pickles

If you are all for delicious steaks, Memphis will not disappoint you. Visit any top restaurants, and they will serve you well-cooked and nicely-sliced steak. Topping it with pickles enhances the overall taste, which I completely love.

7. Tender and Fried Chicken

Like any other Southern city, Memphis brings to you amazing fried chicken. You can barely resist the softness of tender chicken breast. Also, I like french fries as a side dish for my chicken basket. Feel free to add a coke for a complete food package.


To know that you are happy by yourself, is extremely self-assuring. However, I do not mean to downplay the importance of having a company. What I want to do is emphasize self-love and the importance of enjoying your own company. Nevertheless, be it a solo trip, or a trip with friends, try out the suggested dishes. Do not forget to share how you liked them!

Author Bio – Sarah Postlewaite is a an integral part of Bluff City Taxi, a cab service company in Memphis. Apart from routes and lanes of Memphis, she is well-versed with other major attractions in the city. Most of the time, she set outs on a solo journey to discover and explore unknown shades of her city. She like to share her experiences and stories with her readers in the form of informative and enlightening articles.

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