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EntertainmentIs Digital Filmmaking a Good Course to Do in 2024?

Is Digital Filmmaking a Good Course to Do in 2024?

Finding yourself stuck at a crossroads when it comes to making life’s most important decisions like which course to pursue to build a career, can be extremely uncomfortable. But what’s even more uneasy is going out on a limb or choosing stagnancy. If you are facing a sort of mid-life crisis, questioning whether or not you should take up a course in digital filmmaking in 2024, this guide is for you.

Understanding digital filmmaking as a career

Digital filmmaking is rather an umbrella term that covers a number of fields such as costume designing, script or screenwriting, cinematography, animation, graphics and special effects, advertising, and more. This umbrella field is as much about art as it is about technology. From the financing aspect to the screenwriting, from setting the stage to designing the costumes, from ensuring optimal lighting to shooting video shoots, you may have to do them all as you pursue a career in digital filmmaking.

However, do not think that the only options out there are either in the sought-after Hollywood or the glamorous world of Bollywood. The rise of the internet has increased the demand for digital filmmakers who can showcase their skills in developing gripping web series, soap operas, cartoons, and even interactive games.

Why you should pursue a course in digital filmmaking in 2024

As mentioned above, you are not limited to a single career option when studying digital filmmaking. The world is going digital, and the practice of animation or filmmaking is as much a part of modern e-commerce marketing as it is for traditional 2+ hour movies. You can work in the field you like – shoot documentaries, produce gripping marketing stories, etc.

This directly brings us to the next reason, and that is, the digital filmmaking industry is booming like never before, especially since OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime came into the scene with their monthly subscription services. Even YouTube allows you to display your digital filmmaking skills in front of a broad audience base.

If the above is true, it is natural that you can expect a good starting pay itself. And by and by, as you grow, your income will improve further. If you’re just starting out, YouTube is an excellent option as it allows you to showcase your skills, and if your channel becomes eligible for monetisation, you can be sure that people across the country, even the world perhaps, are enjoying your content and digital filmmaking skills.

Skills needed for becoming a digital filmmaker

Here are the most basic and essential skills you will need to possess to become a successful digital filmmaker –

  • Tech expertise – At the very least, you need a thorough knowledge of the latest filmmaking technology and software and how to use them.
  • Flexible creativity – that enables you to visualise a film from start to finish so that you can put the pieces together perfectly.
  • Visual and written storytelling – Just think of the dialogues of ‘The Big Bang Theory or the lack of it in ‘Mr. Bean.’ Despite being at extreme ends, they are masterpieces!

Besides these, you will also need some invaluable transferable skills such as solid communication, decision-making, and leadership qualities. Here’s where the importance of digital filmmaking course comes into the picture. By pursuing a formal course from reputed institutes like the Pearl Academy, you get theoretical and practical training on two critical dimensions of digital filmmaking – production and storytelling. The one-year specialised program makes you ready to take the industry by storm – think team projects, production house visits, internship opportunities, and more exciting learning activities leading the way.

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