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How to Build an ADU Addition over a Steep Slope

If your property has a steep slope, building an ADU on slope might be challenging. However, the task is not impossible. Fortunately, a skilled contractor will be able to figure out a way to level out the terrain and/or design your ADU addition to be able to sit on the sloped ground. Here’s how it can be done:

1. Stilts can allow you to build an ADU addition on sloped ground

One common way to overcome the obstacle of building on sloped ground is using stilts. Stilts will elevate the front of your ADU in place of the ground beneath it. Furthermore, stilts can even allow you to build an ADU over water. This is not something that is possible with other designs. Stilts tend to be the most cost-effective method to build on a slope.

2. The difficulty of building an addition over a slope depends on its grade

A slope of less than 10% is considered easy to build on. The ground can often be leveled fairly easily, and even if it isn’t, there are still many ways that an addition can be built on it with relative ease. If the slope is between 11-20%, building on the slope can be somewhat challenging.

However, it still will be possible for a relatively reasonable price. If the grade is greater than 15-20%, the construction of an ADU on a slope can be far more challenging. Though, using ADU on stilts can still make it possible.

3. Be familiar with natural hazards in the area

Additions that are built on a steep slope can be vulnerable to landslides, which means that it’s important to ensure that the geology of the property has been thoroughly assessed. This will help to ensure that you do not build your ADU addition in an area that’s susceptible to landslides.

4. Choose a skilled construction company

If you are facing the challenge of building an addition on a slope, it’s important to choose a skilled construction company. While there are many contractors to consider, Levi Design Build is an excellent option to choose.

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