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SocialBail Bonds for the Elderly - What Seniors Need to Know

Bail Bonds for the Elderly – What Seniors Need to Know

The law is equal for everyone, including the elder populations. Some common offenses committed by senior citizens, usually the victims themselves, include shoplifting, harassment, hit and runs, and other traffic violations. Even though the offense might be committed unintentionally or unknowingly, it does not lessen its seriousness.

Suppose, you receive a call from the local sheriff’s department, informing you that your 60-year-old parent is arrested for reckless driving. You would have a hard time believing it and might feel helpless! Continue reading this article to learn more about how to deal with such an unnerving situation to provide the elders a fast release from jail.

  1. Once you receive such a call, you should immediately consult with a lawyer and contact a reliable bondsman for bail, if required. Usually, such cases are treated as misdemeanors and not felonies.
  • If you are allowed to speak to the elder, calm them down and ask them not to answer anything until you and the attorney arrives.
  • Instead of paying bail, the person might be released on their own recognizance (O.R.) or supervised O.R. As most elders are not at risk for flight or future criminal offense, the court trusts that they will turn up to their court appearances without bail.
  1. In California, one can easily apply for bail online, making the process easier than ever. During the pandemic, bail bond businesses in Ventura County are fully equipped to post bail by even fax or email. No longer do you have to wait in a long queue to ensure the speedy release of your loved ones. Furthermore, their workplaces are sanitized regularly to ensure the safety of every visitor, in case one requires an in-person meeting.
  • You don’t need to withdraw a hefty amount from the bank and file the right paperwork, as a bondsman will do all this for you at a nominal fee.
  • Even though elders constitute a minority of the criminal population, they require expert lawyers to represent themselves in court. Bail approval is more likely due to the weaker immune system of older people, unfit for the Coronavirus-prone cells.
  • A reliable bondsman will walk the extra mile to ensure that the elderly reach their residence safely. Additionally, they will provide the contacts of experienced defense attorneys to fight their cases in court.
  1. Often, dementia, personality disorders, etc can be the underlying cause behind elderly crimes. In such a case, the trial process is quicker as the court may let them off based on mental incapacity, based on the jury’s impression. However, this relies heavily on a psychiatric evaluation in cases of suspected neuropsychiatric illness. The evaluation must be requested by the defendant’s attorney.

No matter what age, no one should be forced to serve time without a conviction. The special rights and needs of the elderly must be taken care of, especially if they have existing ailments. Such personalized treatment is not feasible in a detention center, and a speedy bail can guarantee their return to the safety of their homes or care centers.

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