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Why Does Kim Jong Un Travel by Train

North Korean President Kim Jong Un prefers traveling by his secret train, Taeyangho, a luxurious and heavily fortified mode of transport. Unlike ordinary trains, Taeyangho is a moving fortress or a five-star hotel on wheels, ensuring unmatched grandeur and security.

Despite Kim’s infrequent travels, his trips are marked by extravagance and high security, aligning with his distinct leadership style.

Key Points

Taeyangho – The Moving Fortress: 

Kim Jong Un’s train, Taeyangho, is equipped with bulletproof glass, reinforced steel, and an array of weapons, including anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, making it a formidable moving fortress.

  • The train travels with two escort trains—one for advance security checks and another with ammunition and commandos, ready to respond to any threats.
  • Taeyangho boasts facilities akin to those in a President’s home and office, including a personal office with communication facilities, luxury suites, and a restaurant offering diverse cuisines.
  • The preference for train travel is deeply rooted in the Kim family tradition. Kim Jong Un continues the practices of his father and grandfather, highlighting both a commitment to tradition and a unique approach to security.
  • Kim Jong Un’s international visits, mainly to China and Russia, have often been conducted aboard Taeyangho, underlining its significance for state diplomacy and security.

Questions and Answers Kim Jong Un Travel by Train

Why does Kim Jong Un prefer traveling by the Taeyangho train?

Kim Jong Un opted for train travel due to the tradition established by his predecessors, the enhanced security it offers, and the ability to maintain a level of luxury and control not available through other modes of transport.

What are the security features of the Taeyangho train?

Taeyangho is fortified with bulletproof glass, reinforced steel, and advanced weaponry for defense against aerial and ground attacks and is escorted by two additional security trains.

What amenities does Taeyangho offer?

The train includes a personal office, luxury suites, a gourmet restaurant, and entertainment facilities, ensuring Kim Jong Un travels in comfort and style.

Has Kim Jong Un used Taeyangho for international diplomacy?

Taeyangho has been used for Kim Jong Un’s limited but significant international tours, particularly to China and Russia, showcasing its dual role in security and diplomacy.

What does the tradition of train travel signify for Kim Jong Un and his family?

For Kim Jong Un, train travel not only continues a family tradition but also represents a commitment to showcasing North Korean sovereignty, security, and the distinctive leadership style of the Kim dynasty.

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