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Health & BeautyTips to Stay Clean and Sober During the Festivities and Social Gatherings

Tips to Stay Clean and Sober During the Festivities and Social Gatherings

While holidays bring cheer and joy among families and friends. It’s understandably a very difficult time of the year for people in recovery after social gatherings. It becomes even more challenging when you get to the venue itself. For those who are newly sober, the stress that comes with the festive season, free flow of alcohol and other drugs may leave you wondering how you are going to manage through the season. Others find it hard to handle the stress and anxiety brought about by festive expectations and various family dynamics.

Whether you have stayed sober for several years, or newly sober, or maybe you just chose to keep off alcoholic drinks and other substances this holiday season, maintaining sobriety when everyone is having a celebratory drink is quite challenging. Planning on the best approach to manage the parties can help you maintain your sobriety and peace of mind as you start the New Year. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your recovery and health during the holidays and any social gatherings that you may invited to.

Have a Solid Plan

You will need to first reaffirm your own expectations about wanting to stay sober, followed by a well-crafted plan on how to keep it that way. Have an answer ready for anyone who offers you an alcoholic drink or drugs. Remember that you owe no one an explanation unless you feel comfortable talking about your recovery.

Invite a Friend Over

A time to make merry with friends and loved ones, there’s the risk of carried away or tempted and falling into temptations. Ask an alcoholics anonymous (AA) buddy to tag along or any other supportive friend who can enjoy the evening with you and finish without indulging in alcohol or drugs. If you can’t take someone with you, take him at the party into confidence, you’ll surprise by the support you receive.

Be mindful of Your Triggers and Limits

Maintaining sobriety requires taking good care of yourself at all times. Knowing your triggers, handling them in healthy ways, and not forgetting your limits is what gets you going. If you are uncertain about attending, ask yourself if you really have to go. You don’t have to sit through a traumatizing family dinner or meeting an abusive ex. If you don’t feel comfortable about it, just don’t go. You can opt to take a walk, go to a movie, or even hang out with a good supportive friend.

Serve Yourself or B.Y.O.D

If you’ve been keeping spiritually fit and want to bring a friend along, get yourself a nonalcoholic drink at the bar or bring your own drink. Remember to keep it in your hand whenever you can to avoid offered one.

Find Healthy Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress

Everyone has their versions of nosy Aunt Betty who can’t keep off other people’s affairs, and hyper Uncle Ben. Who insists on sharing his new-found cocktail with you. You may also experiencing some strained relationships with some family members and try to convince yourself that you are entitled to let off some steam with a shot of whisky. While you may have used this form of escape in the past, you must find new ways to manage your stress such as talking to a sober friend over coffee, exercising, or yoga.

Have an Exit Plan

If you feel that you’ve had enough and the situation is becoming unbearable, leave to avoid being trapped in a situation that you don’t want to be in. You didn’t bring transportation, have a friend pick you up or get a taxi.

If You Relapse, Get Help

You may put your best foot forward throughout, but eventually, find yourself in a relapse. Shame, disappointment, and hopelessness are common feelings. When in such a situation and may make it difficult to open up and seek help. Don’t “kill” yourself over it since it’s a fairly common part of recovery. Connect with your doctor or counselor and get equipped with new tools to cope with challenges in your recovery journey.

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