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SocialDigital MarketingStanding out on social networks especially on Instagram

Standing out on social networks especially on Instagram

Standing out on social networks is something that is becoming more and more complicated. Millions of photos and videos are posted every day, including yours. If you want to know some of the best techniques that will help you improve your Instagram account, the quintessential social app, read on.

There are several actions you can take if you want to grab the attention of a larger audience on Instagram. Details like the look of the photos, the design of your food or how best to interact with the public are things that we sometimes overlook and don’t give them the importance they really do.

Therefore, we will show you the key points that will help you stand out from the other creators of this highly visual platform. Let’s go with them.

Choose a specific theme

If you are a creative person or are just starting out in the world of photography, it is very likely that, at first, you publish all kinds of posts on your Instagram account. This doesn’t have to be bad at first, because you have to find a theme that works best for you, but sooner or later you have to focus your News on a more specific theme. It may attract more free Instagram followers.

If you don’t, it’s easy for users who follow you to leave their source, as they don’t know what they’ll find in your next post. Anyone following you through photography of a spectacular landscape may not appreciate the salad capture you took yesterday either, it’s not at all interesting to see how you organize your desk.

If you don’t know very well what we are talking about, you can take a look at our article on the most creative photographers on Instagram where you will notice that, most of them, always upload the same type of photo. Therefore, it is very important to find a theme that you have enjoyed doing for a long time and focus on it.

Use same range of colors in photos

Something important is having a “repetitive” style. Let’s not misunderstand, we mean that the color gamut of your publications is as similar as possible . This way, people who start following your account will associate those colors with you and, therefore, will easily recognize your photos among those of other accounts. If you want to get more likes on your posts, you can buy Instagram likes.

There are many color styles: from the simple publication of photographs in which the color white predominates, others that follow the well-known orange and teal.

Watch your food

Speaking of the colors that represent your posts, something that is also very important to highlight on Instagram is the design of your food . This section works like an artist’s portfolio. Anyone who walks in to see your profile will find it completely, so your gallery’s style and design should grab their attention if you want them to decide to hit the continue button.

If you want to take the food to the next level, there are accounts, which we already mentioned when we saw the most inspiring accounts on Instagram. Here the individual posts become a work of art when viewing food .

If your theme lends itself to it, post videos

Surely the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” will ring a bell, and it is true, but a video is worth a thousand pictures . Well, we may have exaggerated a bit, but in an ultra visual network like Instagram, videos are the kings that grab the attention of the public. If you want more people to see your content, you should ask the question: Could I post videos on the same topic as other publications? Gradually you will understand that a week in video format captures more attention than a single photograph and, therefore, more users will start following you. As long as what you show is interesting, of course. If you can follow the tricks, you can get more Instagram followers free.

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