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5 Best Sites for Streaming Anime Online Free

Well, to all Otakus around the world, there’s no wrong with watching anime! If we can watch movies, we can watch anime too! Plus, there’s so much to anime that one can find hooked on that you should definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

However, if you’re looking for places to stream anime, then we got your back for it! Apart from Netflix, which is also airing anime series, you can use the sites mentioned below to watch your favorite anime or the ones recommended by your buddies.

So, all you need is to have your comfort space ready, snacks by your side, and ensure that your internet is stable. Why? Because there’s no point in streaming anime in low quality or waiting for it to complete buffering.

For that, we recommend you check out plans from Xfinity Internet since you get unlimited data and good speed, reliable enough to stream anime in HD or more quality. With that, let’s being with our list now:

1. Kissanime

If you want to stream anime and want a complete catalog of available anime, including the ones currently airing and the ones that will air soon, then Kissanime is your best pick. It has a lot of cool options and the homepage has thumbnails of anime arranged with respect to the latest arrivals.

Plus, it also features different categories of anime that you can choose from. And just like Netflix, it can also recommend a few based on what you’ve been watching. It assimilates the picks into a category, let’s say action, and then recommends anime in that category.

But, the thing with online anime sites is too many ads, and also, there’s no way you can change the resolution. So, in other words, you’re just stuck with whatever resolution the site’s been uploading the content. But it’s still a good choice for streaming anime online.

2. 9anime

One of the best reasons to visit 9anime for your anime streaming needs is that it features content in UHD. That’s right! You can watch your favorite anime and other titles in UHD without any hassle, well, of course for that you’d need a good internet, which is what we specified earlier.

Anyways, it also has Japan’s top-rated anime series and releases a schedule as to when a show or an episode will be aired. You can also create your user account and add anime to watch from existing listings.

And if you’re thinking about searching, then you can view its catalog that has numerous titles organized by their genres accurately. It’s an anime heaven for Otakus and you’ll surely have a fun time watching your favorite anime here.

3. Funimation

Although the best part of anime is watching it in the subbed version since you don’t want to lose the Japanese accent, which is the true essence of anime. However, if the dubbed version is as good as Naruto, then Funimation is the site to visit for dubbed content.

One of the best things about this site is that it features shows and series that have been dubbed for a specific reason. So, in other words, you don’t have to look for dubbed versions on different sites for your region.

In addition to this, it also features dubbed versions of anime movies and has a list of ongoing shows or completed ones to explore. If you want, you can also subscribe to the site for removing ads while you watch. Otherwise, the free version is also good but comes with ads.

4. GoGoAnime

Another amazing pick in the category is GoGoAnime. Amongst the best features of the site, it lets you stream content in good quality, which is why it’s one of the top picks that you should check.

Apart from this, you can also watch the updated seasons of the latest anime that are currently airing so you’ll never miss an episode. If you’re truly into watching anime, then this is the site for it as it’s dedicated to bringing numerous titles every day.

You can explore different genres for whatever you’re looking for and it’ll even feature movies that you can watch in good quality.

5. AnimeHeaven

We know that you’re tired of watching content with ads, which is why you need to visit AnimeHeaven. As the name suggests, it’s a heaven for fans globally not just for its ad-free streaming but also for its unique interface.

Instead of going into categories, you have tabs that allow you to jump right away to the genre you want. You also get popularity ranks, reviews, show descriptions, and much more. Speaking of more, you also get good subbed videos, which means you’ll understand the context as if Japanese is your native language.

Closing Thoughts

Well, Otakus! These are your sites for streaming anime free online. You can watch online movies on Divicast if the above platform server is overloaded. Although you might face ads on some of the sites, still, it’s better than waiting for your favorite shows to air on Netflix or any other streaming platforms. So, better set yourself up for a binge-watching session because the latest episode of your favorite anime has already aired!

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