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EntertainmentHow You Can Use A Selfie Light Tripod To Achieve Perfect Content

How You Can Use A Selfie Light Tripod To Achieve Perfect Content

Have you seen influencers or content creators using a selfie light across your social media plat forms, whetheritbe for photo graphy or video? Have you been wondering why these selfie lights are becoming increasingly popular, and what exactly they are for? Look no more, hereisour guide to using a selfie ring light tripod, to help youmake the most of available technology to create flawless images.

What Is A Ring Light?

A ring light is a circular light device that can illuminate the subject of a photo graph in a smooth and evenway. Ring lights are verypopular in portrait photography because they achieve a flawless, harmonious lighting effect. Professional photo graphers and video graphers also use ring lights to touch up lighting and make sure their subject’s face is evenly lit, all while remaining a soft light that doesn’t create  harshlines.

Recently, new kinds of ring lights have appeared on the market. They allow use with a smart phone, which means that the professional quality of the image is no longer reserved for those who have expensive DSLR cameras. You can make great content with a smart phone that has a some what decent camera lens, and a selfie light tripod.

Why Should  You Use A Selfie Ring Light?

Many different people use ring lights for many different purposes. Depending on what type of content you create, whetheritbe selfies, images for your business, or photo graphy during your spare time, a ring light will take your content to a different level. Let’s talk about how a selfie ring light can help you create amazing images.

To Emphasize Details In Product Photography

These days, many people have built their small businesses thanks to a strong online presence. There is great value and business opportunity in offering quality content to your online audience, thought his can only bedone by committing to a professional standard.

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Selfie ring lights are great at emphasizing details in precise photography and video graphy. Its circular design allows for a smart phone to fit through the hole and focus the light right at the shot, to highlight precise details of an object or product. Small business owners, thanks to selfie ring lights, can create beautiful product photo graphy. This can be great if you:

  • Have a baking business and want to convey how delicious your foodis to your audience – it’s guaranteed they practically be able to taste your creations through their screens!
  • Make a product and want to advertise your new range, showing your audience exactly what they’l lbe getting once they purchase your product, realistically.
  • Have made something and want to immortalize your creation in a moment, such as a painting or sculpture, and need precise lighting to show every aspect of your work.

For Macro Photography

Some amateur photo graphers need to use macro photo graphy for different purposes. We’ve all been in that situation where wetry and get a zoomed-in, close-up picture of some thing with our smartphones, but fail to do so be cause of lack of light. Never again! A selfie light allows you to getany thing you want to take a macro photograph or video with all its angles. Nothing will be blurry because there is n’t enough light, and you’ll be able to take a professional-level image.

Fo r Whacky Color Effects

Lately, the 70s psychedelic style has been coming back into fashion. We are loving the funky patterns and colors of that decade, and our social media feed sreflect that blast from the past. A selfie ring light can help you achieve that little touch of color thanks to the inter changeable color filters you can place on the light bulbs. This is perfectly safe because selfie ring lights are LED, completely electrical, thusthereis no risk of over heating and compromise of fire safety.

You can also apply colored gel exteriors onto the existing white or transparent filter on your LED selfie ring light, to add a pop of color. You don’teven have to buy specificones – just find something of any color you want at home, and put it in front of the light! And voila, just like that, you have an unlimited supply of beautiful colored lights at your finger tips!

For Flawless Videos

There are 2 billion active users on Youtube every month, and just about as many opportunities to create meaningful and beautifully produced videos from home. The only two things you need are your smart phone and a selfie ring light witha tripod to create amazing videos without having access to a sophisticated, and costly studio.

Many commercials use ring lights as the only source of lighting because they produce a beautiful halo of light that subtly high lights the subject they’re filming. This gives a dramatic and eye-catching feel. You can always add in side lights and soft boxes to your ring light, but you’ll do perfectly fine with only a ring light as your source of lighting. Many people are even using selfie ring lights for Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat stories because of how effortlessly easy they are to set up. Just turn on and go! You’ll be able to put out professional content at every given opportunity.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Selfie Light With A Tripod

The Device You’ll Be Using

Are you going to use a tablet? A small iPhone, a big one? An Android phone?It’s important to take in to consideration which device you’re going to beusingwithyour ring light, so it doesn’t end up being too small or too big to fit inside your particular ring light. Devices that are too heavy could make a tripod fall over, so be care ful!

Power And Ring Size

The higher the “lumens” (lm) and “color rendering index” (CRI), the better the lighting output and color representation of the subject will be. If you’reunsure, find a ring light that has a dimmerknob, so you can adjust the power.

Color Temperature

You’ll want to choose the ring light with the right color temperature depending on whatyou’re going to bedoing with it. Warm lights are better for makeup, to show a truer skin shade, and colder lights are great for product photography like flat lays and food commercials, because  they are more neutral.

All in all, ring lights are an amazing tool for the content you produce daily. They are impressively easy to use, and you’re going to be addicted to how much they improve your images – selfie ring light tripods make amateurs in to professionals, in the flick of a power switch!

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