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BusinessDo Restaurant Chairs Need To Be Fire Retardant?

Do Restaurant Chairs Need To Be Fire Retardant?

Pretty much everyone in the world can say with some degree of confidence that they have eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives. These eateries are places of community, places where people go not just to get a hot meal but also to rest their weary head after they have expended so many mental and physical resources during an average workday. Now, what if you could actually take the initiative and provide this safe harbor that so many people crave but few are able to find?

We are talking about setting up a restaurant of your very own, and you would be hard pressed to find an endeavor that can compare to it in terms of how much fulfilment it will send your way. Seeing a packed dining area with customers chatting happily as they enjoy the meals prepared by your chefs is an experience that you absolutely need to get first hand. The rewards are high, but so too are the risks.

How to choose the perfect restaurant chair?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so if you expect your customers to fork over their hard earned cash to purchase a menu item, you’d better be ready to give them something that is commensurate with their expectations. Optimizing comfort, luxury and ambiance is all well and good, but you can’t skip over to the more advanced steps without first and foremost wrapping your head around the basics. Perhaps the most often ignored basic step involves a particular question, namely whether or not your restaurant chairs need to be resistant to fire damage.

You can approach this question to try to come up with an answer from a wide variety of angles. Firstly, safety should be given precedence no matter what anyone else has to say. Restaurants require the use of high levels of heat. That’s the only way to prepare dishes that are true to a particular culinary style or a cultural cuisine.

High heat environments can invariably lead to fires breaking out. Whether your restaurant is massive or cramped, even the smallest of fires can threaten to break out into a raging inferno. This is a serious threat to your financial wellbeing, since such disasters can bring your entire restaurant crashing down around you. The monetary fallout of this occurrence might severely limit your chances to get back up on your feat, but with fire retardant chairs you can gain at least some protection in the shot term.

There’s also the all important aspect of customer safety that you should take into consideration. Just one untoward event can convince customers that your restaurant is just not worth the risk. This makes sense if you think about it from your own perspective. Would you ever want to go to a restaurant that allowed a fire to expand to such a degree? Chances are you’d steer clear, so you can see why customers would be thinking along those lines as well.

The reputational hazard that a fire poses is so immense that investing in some fire retardant chairs would be well worth your while. Customers can be given peace of mind that even when accidents happen, steps will have been taken to mitigate the amount of damage cost. If nothing else, they can be reasonable certain that their lives will not be put on the line, since there would be fewer flammable items for the heat to latch onto.

Furthermore, money makes the world go round, so it was bound to have an affect on the topic of discussion we are currently embroiled in. You’d be surprised at the financial changes that you might be confronted with if you haven’t gotten your chairs in a fireproof model already.

Apart from the decline in revenues that would come with customers giving your eatery a wide berth, your insurance costs would shoot through the roof as well. Insurance companies conduct a thorough investigation before handing out any compensation or settlements. If they find out that you didn’t take common sense precautions, they may decide to forego giving you anything for the suffering you have gone through.

All it takes is one fire for you to no longer be eligible for insurance, and if that comes to pass, you won’t be able to keep your restaurant open any longer either. The government has put some restrictions in place to only allow businesses to operate if they can exhibit a propensity for longevity. Not having insurance will slash your life expectancy and profitability margins to such an extent that you’d be compelled to shut the whole enterprise down.

Even if we ignore all of the pertinent factors we have described up above, not having fireproof chairs might even prevent you from getting a license to operate in the first place. Cities have fire codes for a reason, since the fire can easily spread to other buildings as well. Protecting the community is not something the city government will compromise on, and they often reject applications for business licenses solely due to the lack of fire resistant materials in chairs and the like.

There are a few other things that you can get to improve fire safety as well. A fire extinguisher is par for the course, as is a sprinkler system. Ventilation systems are also quite crucial thanks to how they can purge the noxious fumes created during a fire. You need a holistic and comprehensive approach to fire mitigation, and buying fire retardant chairs for your eatery is a necessary first step to take in that regard. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so try to avoid cutting corners and take advice from an expert whenever you find yourself experiencing any kind of doubt.

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