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How to Repair a Garage Door: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

When they are working correctly, automatic garage doors can save you from having to get out of the car and manually open it. Any great garage door is usable and useful to a home for up to twenty years. But when it comes to having to fix a garage door, that is when most homeowners find a challenge.

While calling a professional may be one person’s move, trying to fix it yourself can help you save on costs.

Have you noticed something is causing your garage door to not work? Here are some tips and tricks you can use to repair a garage door easily.

Plug and Unplug the Opener

Just like when you need to reset a computer, it is possible that the issue going on with your garage door may just need you to unplug and plug the electric component in. Just unplug it, leave it out for thirty seconds, then plug it in.

Unblock and Clean the Photo Eye

For those who don’t know, the photo eye is another name for the garage’s sensor. This sensor decides whether a person or object is blocking the door’s potential movement up and down and if it is okay to move the door.

You will be able to see that something is wrong with the photo eye when flashes are appearing from it or you can hear clicks when you get near.

Most of the time, the photo-eye may be dirty or dusty. If that is the case, you just clean it and it should stop the sensor from detecting some blockage that is not there.

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Fix the Remote Control

You’ve tried looking at every single part of the garage and can’t seem to find a real issue. Every other part seems to work, but it still will not go up and down when you want it to with the handy remote control.

If you press a button on your garage door opener remote and nothing happens, the only issue with the garage door is with the batteries. To fix this, you should open up the battery panel on the remote, remove the dead pieces, and replace them with fresh new ones that fit the specifications.

Unlock the Door’s Position

What could also be a possible cause for the door not moving, despite how much the other components work, is the garage door may have gotten manually locked by accident.

A sign this is the case is when the motor works in the right way yet it shuts off before the door starts moving. Look for a lock that has a handle with horizontal bars and turn it until you hear something snap.

Once that happens, everything will work as if nothing happened.

Check for Broken Parts

If checking the photo eye, the door lock, or remote control operator does not appear to fix the problem, there is a likely chance that there is a part of the door’s trolley or springs that are broken. You should see if the trolley is connected to the pull-cord that can manually open the garage.

Another option is to find out whether any springs involved in the machinery have become loose or snapped in half.

If any parts such as the springs on the trolley are broken, they can be repaired with tools or hardware stores like DIY Garage Door Parts.

Readjust the Sensitivity

If your garage doors were only installed in the last few months, then there is a chance the door’s sensitivity needs to get readjusted. This is so it will match the door’s weight. If the sensitivity is placed at the wrong calculation, then it will not give the amount of force necessary to move the doors up and down.

What this means is the door opener will either think a door is too light for any force requirements. The alternative is that it will think the door is too heavy for the opener’s weight allowance to move it in a safe manner.

To determine what would be the right amount of force necessary to suit the garage door that is already installed, you or a repair technician should take a closer look.

Call a Professional If It’s Hard to Fix

Sometimes, even the best repair techniques are not enough to fix whatever problem is going on. If the case you are working on is a particular issue that you cannot easily solve by yourself, it may be in your best interest to hire a garage door repair technician to discover what the underlying issue is. They can come to your home and discuss why it is broken.

While it may hurt your pride if you wanted to fix the door via DIY, getting outside help is better than garage doors falling and injuring you or your family.

Use These Tips to Repair a Garage Door

A garage door is very easy and convenient for a home to have. From storing cars at night to acting as storage for items, it is an essential part, so having the door not open causes many issues. Trying to repair a garage door that is broken can be a tough job if you do not know the right place to start.

The next time your garage door breaks, use these repair tips to help you out.

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