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BusinessHow to Get Your PRINCE2 Foundation Team on the Same Page

How to Get Your PRINCE2 Foundation Team on the Same Page

Projects are a great way to get your team members on the same page. It is easy to set up and allows all team members to be in “Club”, “accomplish tasks”, or “work together” – in short you can set something up and let people work as a team to accomplish a common goal, as you would find on a PRINCE2 Foundation training course.

In project management, the goal is to schedule a series of events or tasks for each week (or portion of a month). Some projects might be a formalized “contract” that must be signed, others may be loose; “spur of the moment” jobs.

Project management is not only for big companies with staff committed to accomplish a specific goal or task. Many small businesses use this type of management to get their names on the “big list”, or to have an internal project team even with no payroll. In any case, it is a great way to keep your team working together and focused on the same thing. There are several tips for getting your team on the same page.

Why not start with organizing who is involved in the project. That is, set aside some time for everyone to get together and be introduced by someone important in the project. This can be a great way to get everyone on the same page.

Sometimes people are so busy that they don’t always realize what is going on. A great way to catch them up on what is going on is to have them participate in a project each week. This way they will see for themselves what is going on and they can offer suggestions if something is lacking. If nothing is lacking, assists can talk to each other.

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If everyone isn’t working together you are doing yourself no favors. There is a lot of wasted time put forth by these two groups. When the project goes awry the team can put forth a good effort and in the end lose money because of unorganized work.

Take the initiative to keep the ball rolling by demanding that everyone has their workbooks or white boards at their desks. This means that everyone has their own spot to write on. Make it a rule that no one has to be directly involved in what-if scenarios. Have a place to fill in notes, concept manifold, update people on things, etc.

Keep in touch with those involved in the project. Find out what is going on and keep in contact. Do not be in such a dazing mood that you don’t notice what is going on. Focus!

Dojo for your team

Dojo is an open source project management software which is an alternative to Microsoft Project. It is part of the Especially strength software suite, which provides industry solutions for print, web, animation, tele sales, supply chain, etc. Dojo is written in Java and runs on both Linux and Windows. Dojo can be installed locally or if you want to online you can cache Dojo on a server. More information can be found at [ professionally]

Actually learning Dojo is a piece of cake, and it is something most people can do in a timely manner. You can find software online for dojo training. DOICO trainings are the biggest in the UK, the second biggest is BSAS. both of these companies are totally committed to Dojo training as part of their whole investment in getting certified. So even if you can’t run a big company, Dojo could be the answer for you.

I hope this article has helped you discover Dojo for yourself. Remember to always read the documentation first and keep a copy of it handy for the implementation.

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