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TechPopular Website Design Trends of 2023

Popular Website Design Trends of 2023

Nowadays, no business can survive without an online digital footprint. You’ll see a large number of brands only using social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, but an essential aspect is having a website.

But websites have been around since 1991 when the World Wide Web was made public to individual creators. That means that every year, we see design trends appear, conquer, and disappear. If you want to stay visible to your customer’s eyes, the ability to adapt to the upcoming trends is of the utmost importance. So, we’re here to let you know about some of the current tendencies regarding web design. Now, you don’t need to go ahead and change your website completely, but trying to incorporate some of these principles on your webpage can go a really long way.

* Innovative Web Design Trends 2023

1. Dark Mode

For us, this will be, probably, the most popular trend of 2023, mainly because it was one largely requested by audiences. Changing your website to a dark theme might not be the best way to go about it. Now, offering your audience an option, where they can change between a lighter and a darker theme? That’s gold!

But why dark mode? Not only are you able to create a higher contrast with other colors, but most design elements and typography will stand out more and reduce eye strain. On the other side, they just look amazingly modern and futuristic. There’s also the fact that they work better with OLED screens, extending their lifespan and saving power.

2. Glowing, Neon Schemes

Complementing the last trend, glowing lights and neon colors can take a boring dark theme and turn it into something futuristic, with a stunning dystopian, cyberpunk vibe.

Adrianne Mesnard, the Art Director at 99designs, believes this will be the “trend this year, continuing with the isometric trend and bringing in colors like blues and purples and hot pink to give designs that futuristic glowing feel”.

The principle here is to become bolder and daring, creating something that will stand out from the rest. Now, this technique is hard to control and can offer a confusing, chaotic outcome if you’re not careful. That’s why duotone themes work really well with it, as well as more minimalist visuals.

3. Imperfections and Hand-Drawn Illustrations

An essential aspect of a brand’s life and image is its personality. In the old days, that was hard to transmit through web design, as the choices were poor and the overall feeling was impersonal. But since we’re living in a world when brand trust is becoming more and more threatened, a website with imperfections and hand-drawn illustrations gives its audience a sense that there are real people behind it and not just another soulless corporation. Using that idea on all of your brand’s visual communication, such as on its logo design or promotional posters can really improve your marketing strategy.

Specifically, hand-drawn illustrations can really give a splash of positivity and happiness to a boring site, standing out from the competitors, which still go for pixel-perfect icons. Line-style drawings and hints of animation will be the ones commanding this trend, making you believe they were drawn directly on the screen. The important part is that you should open your creative wings and fly high, as more personal your design becomes, a better reaction you can get from your audience.

4. 3D is Here to Stay

What’s the point of having technological advances in web design if we don’t take advantage of them? Since online hosting services are offering more and cheaper options in terms of design techniques used, 3D elements and interactive design is predicted to be one of the big trends, this year.

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Until VR takes the world, realistic 3D is the closest we get to it, so it’s not surprising most websites have introduced some kind of 3d element in their layout. Among its various benefits, transmitting a professional, efficient vibe and convincing the audience to stay longer and interact more are the most important ones. On the other side, it creates a sense of realism, breaking the fourth wall between brands and its customers.

Final Thoughts

Just by looking at those 4 trends, we can get the overall feel of this year’s web design path: the dichotomy between a futuristic professional look, and personal, cheerful empathy. If you’re able to introduce a few elements of one of those two aspects or find a way to compliment them, your website will not be only one of the millions, but one of the few that sticks out. Thanks for reading!

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