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TravelHow to Plan a Legendary North Dakota Road Trip

How to Plan a Legendary North Dakota Road Trip

If you’re looking for a sense of adventure, why not hit the road and explore a state that you’ve yet to visit? Seeing somewhere far from home and taking in the sights and sounds of a different place can be a fantastic way to spend some time on the road.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to travel to, you can’t go wrong with the great state of North Dakota. Planning a North Dakota road trip can be a fantastic way to see the state, take in the sights, and have an amazing and memorable experience. 

The state is home to a number of amazing places to stop and visit, a unique history, and incredibly stunning landscapes. What do you need to keep in mind when planning a road trip across this area of the country? Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Make a List of Major Places to Visit

North Dakota is a big state, and no matter how much time off you have to dedicate to such a trip, you’re going to miss a few things. Keeping a list of what you have to see, want to see, and see with extra time can help you stay organized when trying to drum up a proper itinerary.

Where might it be worth a visit within the state limits? 

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Where are the big spots that you’ll want to consider? Theodore Roosevelt Park is certainly one of them. If the state of North Dakota has a famous spot, this is probably it. It’s one of the most-loved national parks in the country, founded by the former President and renowned nature-lover.

The park takes up a massive 70,448 acres and could take multiple days to traverse and explore if one wanted. The South and North Units are the most popular areas of the park, both of which feature scenic drives, hiking trails, and the option for guided tours.

The most popular place to camp near the park, if you’re looking to do so, is the Medora Campground right outside the park’s south unit. There are also several RV parks around if that is how you are traveling.

City of Fargo

If you’re a movie buff in any sense of the word, you’re likely familiar with the city of Fargo due to the Coen Brother’s 90’s classic of the same title. The film brings in visitors and fans of the film every year who explore the shooting locations and take a photo with the iconic woodchipper from the film.

In addition, Fargo has quirky nature and is filled with many amazing spots to drop into and kill some time. There’s an amazing craft beer scene that you can explore and several great places to eat and hang out in.

There are a number of great hotels in town but nearby campsites as well if you’re looking for a more rural experience as you drive across the state.

The Enchanted Highway

Another popular destination for those driving through the state of North Dakota is the enchanted highway. This is a stretch of road outside of Fargo that features some jaw-dropping works of large public art.

Head down this highway, and you’ll see some sculptures of birds and wildlife that are more than ten feet tall. The highway itself is just under 40 miles long, with different art pieces stretched out along that length. 

You’ll have the option to pull over and photograph whichever art sculptures most fit your fancy. If you have a favorite, you can even pick up a replica at the gift shop at the end of the highway.

Few attractions are as geared towards being on the road as this particular destination, so it’s well worth the small detour to check it out. It’s a must-add to your North Dakota road trip route.

Planning your North Dakota Trip

What do you need to keep in mind when planning the perfect North Dakota road trip? There isn’t too much about the state that needs to be at the top of your mind instead of traveling anywhere else.

However, weather conditions are one thing to be wary of. If you’re planning on visiting during the colder months, snow could certainly be an obstacle that might get in your way. North Dakota can get a good amount of snow every year. 

Sometimes, the snow can become so much that actual roadways and sections of the state’s navigational system will shut down. This can create some travel headaches or prevent you from seeing some attractions you were hoping to see.

It’s important to keep this risk in mind if you’re traveling in the winter. It’s also important, of course, that you ensure you dress for the weather if you’re visiting during this time.

While the snow element might not be ideal (and the driving slightly more dangerous), you can get some amazing deals by traveling during this off-season time. It might be worth the trouble to keep your travel budget happy.

Speaking of budget, affordable car rental spots, hotels, motels, and eateries spread out all across North Dakota. If you’re trying to get familiar with how to road trip through North Dakota, you can’t go wrong with the above suggestions. 

Planning the Best North Dakota Road Trip

If you’re headed to the Buffalo State in the near future, it’s a good idea to start planning what you want your trip to look like now. Planning a great North Dakota road trip is easy as long as you take the time to do some proper planning. 

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