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Animals & PetsHow to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed?

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed?

Manufacturers and retailers of dog beds may entice you with phrases like ‘high-quality’ or ‘long-lasting beds for your dog’. However, choosing the perfect dog bed for your dog is not only about the quality or the design, although they are important. While selecting the perfect dog bed is dependent on many factors, considering the following 5 factors will help you be critical when finding your next Heckin Dog bed. This approach ensures you not only focus on the superficial aspects but also on the comfort, health, and happiness of your furry friend, making sure their resting spot is just as special as they are.

The Material for Your Dog Bed

While your dog may be prone to chewing most of the things they get, it does not mean you should get a hard and rough material. You should consider that some dogs are prone to overheating or having hot spots. Having a bed that is made of a cooling fabric but durable will make it easier for you and your dog. You can avoid chewing by having a bed with a metal frame and a woven material that is claw and chew-proof.

The Cost of the Dog Bed is Crucial

Depending on the quality and other factors, dog beds may retail for up to $400 and more. When weighing the costs, consider that you are investing in your dog’s long-term comfort, sense of home and security. However, you should not stretch your budget for these prices. Find a comfortable dog bed a good size, and quality at an affordable price for you. It is possible to find quality beds even with $150 and it only takes some time to shop around.

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Consider the Space that You Will Place Your Dog Bed

Do you have a permanent designated space for your dog bed? If you are planning to have your dog bed in a permanent space, you will consider the design of the bed and how it matches the rest of the room design. You will look at colors, shapes and sizes of the bed to help you fit it into the overall design. While not most people are talented with this, you may consult an interior designer near you for some tips. Also, if you have other pets in your space, having a designer will help you arrange their spaces to match your style.

Is Flexibility Something to Consider?

If you are a frequent traveller, you may want to consider the portability of your dog bed. While some may have the budget to have two or more beds for their dog, an alternative is to have a flexible one. Choose a lightweight bed and it will make your travels easy as you can move it around with little effort. This hack has worked for many people that travel with their dogs as it saves you time and money.

Elevated Beds vs Cave Beds

The choice for dog beds is often made depending on the dog and its needs. For extreme chewers, an elevated bed is more durable because of the metal frame it has and the elevated sleeping area. For dogs that get cold easily, a cave bed will help them retain warmth and give them protection.

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