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BusinessTop 5 Office Games To Keep Employees Motivated In Organization

Top 5 Office Games To Keep Employees Motivated In Organization

Employees perform better when they enjoy their work. Putting so much work pressure can decline the employees’ productivity. You might think that you should take as much work as possible from your employee because they are your employee.

However, it can work adversely, and this is not also a sign of good employee management. As a responsible manager or business owner, you should care about the health and wellbeing of your employees. In this article, you will find some motivational games and fun activities to make your employees enjoy their work at your company.

Apart from the games and fun activities, you should also appreciate your workers’ efforts through an employee appreciation program to boost their morale and productivity. Many business owners aren’t sure about employee appreciation awards. If you’re one of them, you can check out Engraved Crystal Awards, which can be great pieces of employee recognition awards.

Motivational Office Games for Employees

Here are some exciting office games that are not only funny and enjoyable but also productive and useful for your company.

Office Game Idea #1:  Role Exchange

One of the best motivational office games is role exchange. Although this is a challenging game, employees can understand what the role of other employees is. It helps every employee to know every activity of the company. Also, it gives them a real experience of what are the challenges every employee faces in their role.

Often it’s found in the office that many employees underestimate other employee’s effort and overestimate their own work. So, playing this game will help them to understand how each employee puts their effort to complete a task.

Office Game Idea #2: How Long Can You Go On

This game is one of the most exciting among all other office games. You need two or more people to play this game. It’s also one of the easiest ones as compared to other games on this list.

Here the employees need to hold a pen or pencil between their lips and nostrils. At the same time, other employees will try to distract them by cracking jokes. The person who can hold the pen or pencil without getting distracted will be the winner. This game is to improve the focus of your employees.

Office Game Idea #3: Blind Drawing

You might have seen the blind drawing game on TV shows. It’s a communication team game where two people will do a task together. Here one person will hold a picture or object, and the other person will draw a figure from the instruction from the other person.

The rule of the game is the person holding the object or word cannot tell anything directly related to the object. However, he/she can give a hint based on which the other person has to draw pictures. The idea behind this game is to provide insights into how two members can imagine and communicate without talking directly. This game also improves employee engagement.

Office Game Idea #4: Ballon Questions

Balloon questions are an excellent game to motivate new employees. For this game, you need pens, paper, and balloons. Here you distribute pens, paper, and balloons among a small team. Now, each team member has to write questions and keep the paper in their balloons, then blow the balloons and tie them up.

Next, ask each member to throw their balloons into the air. Then ask each member to collect a balloon, but ensure that a member won’t get the same balloon as he/she had written. Once everyone gets a balloon, ask them to untie it and answer the question inside it.

Office Game Idea #5: Minute to Win It

“Minute to Win It” is an excellent game to improve the productivity and efficiency of the employee. It’s one of the easiest but most effective games for improving employee productivity. In this game, a team will be assigned a task to complete, and they have limited time.

This game is useful for making your employees share their ideas with other team members. They also become strategic, and the main idea behind this game is to understand the importance of time and how to manage it.

The Bottom Line

Games and other interactive activities can improve employee performance. You can start these office games in your organization to keep employees motivated. The above games can motivate your employees and make them more productive and efficient if you want to take these as a part of your game.

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