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TechBest 3 Parent Monitoring Apps for iPhone

Best 3 Parent Monitoring Apps for iPhone

With up to 65% of 8 to 14-year-olds reporting that they have been involved in cyberbullying incidents, more and more parents want to know how to monitor their kid’s iPhones.

Overseeing their mobile devices might be just the solution. Keep reading to learn the top reasons to use parental control apps and our top 3 picks.

Reasons for Using Parental Control App

A parental control app gives parents much-needed peace of mind while allowing their kids to use an iPhone.

Here are all the other reasons why you would need to check someone’s search history on iphone and why it’s a smart idea to use a parental control app to monitor your child’s iPhone usage:

  • To block inappropriate websites and content.
  • To track your child’s location.
  • To ensure children are not sharing sensitive information online.
  • To set screen time limits.
  • To monitor your child’s iPhone.

Top 3 Child Monitoring Apps (iPhone)

Research suggests parental control can help reduce instances of cyber-victimization. It also allows parents to tackle discussions about high-risk and impulsive behavior online and its consequences. Especially when parents cannot themselves keep track of what apps their children are using and how they work.

Our top 3 suggestions will ensure you’re getting the best monitoring benefits.

App 1. mSpy

mSpy is a phone tracking app where you can see what your children are doing on their phones. Keystrokes, text messages, app activity, location, call logs—mSpy gives you access to everything. It is the best app to monitor your teenager’s iPhone, especially if you want to be discreet.

What’s more, parents can also use it to manage their child’s online activities. mSpy is easy to set up and user-friendly. What’s more, mSpy works in invisible mode, so your child won’t even notice the monitoring! And you don’t have to jailbreak the iPhone you want to monitor, either.

App 2. Qustodio

Qustodio is a child monitoring app for iPhone that allows parents to track their child’s activity and control some of it. It also delivers statistics and reports on their iPhone usage.

However, Qustodio doesn’t track certain activities and has a limited number of features. For example, you can’t access deleted messages on Qustodio like you can with mSpy. Nor can you access keylogger information or the screen recorder.

Another concern is that it doesn’t have a Hidden Mode on the iPhone, so your child will be able to see the app’s icon.

App 3. OurPact

OurPact is a parental control and family locator app for large and highly-digital families. It allows parents to monitor their kid’s iPhone and has advanced features for screen time control.

The major drawback, however, is you cannot access their texts and calls.

If you’re a parent who finds it difficult to navigate app setups and installations, OurPact’s complicated setup process may be quite challenging.

Overall, OurPact is a great parental control app for teaching your child healthy smartphone usage. But it isn’t the best app for monitoring because it lacks some of the basic tracking features that other apps provide. And while you can access premium features for tracking, other apps offer those in their base plan at no added cost.

Final Thoughts

With so many great solutions on the market, you have some excellent answers to “How can I monitor my child’s iPhone?” These apps have monitoring features for your peace of mind and can also help you prevent risky behaviors and educate your children. Do you need an app that does it all, stays hidden, and is affordable, too? It doesn’t get better than mSpy.

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