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How toHow to be a Good Mother - A's and Do's

How to be a Good Mother – A’s and Do’s

The sun depicts the father of the house, the moon depicts the mother of the house and stars depict the children.

Example of Successful Father

The qualities of the Sun are strong, powerful it shines. Everyone feels secure in the presence of the Sun. We go out, we work with, earned sustenance, we come back, and we feel so secure. Those are the qualities of the Sun that every father in every home needs to have.

With the qualities that the Sun outside has he needs to present. Gives warmth in the house, a sense of security, brings sustenance, makes everyone feel secure, and makes them feel well don’t we feel so good?

When the Sun is out, we run around without any fear those are the qualities that are supposed to be in every successful father of every home.

Example of Successful Mother

The moon is beautiful you can look at it, and you can admire the moon. The light of the moon is solely derived from the Sun. Do we know that the brighter the Sun the more you see the moon? The example of the moon is the example of the successful mother in the house.

Successful mothers, amazingly should have the qualities of the moon. If I give you one more dual that we extract the moon goes through a 28-day cycle precisely. Some days it’s not there, some days it’s there. The same applies to a woman. She goes through a 28-day cycle. Some days she’s there and some days she is not there.

The stars are the children. You don’t see them during the daylight. if you look at the Sun you won’t be able to see it directly. You will probably need some glasses that is the respect of the father in the house.

Not to say we shouldn’t look at him but we respect him. But when the moon is out the stars are twinkling, it shows the closeness of the relation between the children and the mother. Let’s try and understand.

When we mix the roles, the father wants to play the role of mother and the mother wants to play the role of father. What happens there is chaos and confusion, they are fighting.

The children lose the most don’t we agree the children suffer the most? Because these two have now confused their roles when the son goes into the place of the moon the moon goes into the place of the sun, we have any eclipse where you can see neither of them is amazing and what happens is the stars are no way to be seen when there is an eclipse.

A’s to be a Good Mother:

There are some A’s that Mother need to do to be a Good Mother. I am going to explain those with some examples. This will help the mother and children’s relationship be more secure and more adorable. Even those A’s can be applied to fathers.

1. Attention

Listen and notice -The first thing that every mother and father need to do to be a good one is attention. You need to listen and notice. You need to give your child a lot of attention.

There is an attention deficit disorder that people speak about. You need to listen to your child, you need to give them importance and you need to make sure that you notice the child.

Attention ( Listen and notice

A lot of mothers and fathers are so busy with their phones, busy doing something and the child has spoken to them for 15 minutes. You don’t even know what the child said, you don’t even know the ten questions the child asked you and it happens every day.

To be honest, nowadays we become so engrossed. We cut out, block out, blackout whatever there is around us without realizing that. Switch this thing off and carry on listen to

  1. What your children have to tell you
  2. Listen to them
  3. Spend a bit of time
  4. Stop for a moment and say Yes my son talk to me
  5. Tell him can I speak to you in five minutes or perhaps in ten minutes

2. Acceptance

The second A’s is acceptance. Acceptance and Attention are close to each other. But mother and father need to understand the child. Show an interest in the life of the child. Show the child that you are a part of us. You’re a part of me. You know we are one and so on.


There is acceptance of the child and what the child stands for or what the child does. Because as the child grows, the child will do things based on

  1. What we have done
  2. What we have chosen
  3. what we have said

if the mother and father played the correct role in the life of that child, they are showing acceptance to a particular child.

3. Approval and Appreciation

Approval and acceptance are quite close. How they have differed here is to show it verbally as well as to praise your child. Value your child, and make sure that the praise comes from you.

If the praise doesn’t come from you, the older generations some of you might have seen it and some of us might be like. They never praise their children. Never ever!!!!

Good mother Approval and Appreciation

For Example, the child can be top that is just looking down. Sometimes mother and father just say, you could do better. Come on man say something. You know I got 99.99. I got a hundred percent; you could do better.

We need to safeguard. People who have weird inclinations and the truth is a lot of it has to do with exposure to sexuality at such an early age.

A lot of it has to do with exposure to that which is supposed to be no under-18 at a very early age. So, their mind processes it in a different way the system digests it in a totally different way.

4. Affection

Mothers and fathers always want their children to be an A plus. Don’t do that if you want to be a good mother and father.

Always tell your children I do not need you to be first, but I need you to have tried your best. If you have tried your best, you have done well and If you don’t feature any position, that is totally ok.

good mother Affection
  1. I will still love you
  2. You are my child
  3. I believe you
  4. I Believe you are working hard

If sometimes children get a bit lazy, we should have some positive words.

5. Authority (Set rules

A mother and father should have rules and guidelines. A lot of us in our homes, don’t have rules. We just yell what we want at the time we want it. We say what is wrong, the time we think that we should say it without having set rules in-house.

Good mother authority

You need to have must rules and regulations to become a good mother and father. For example:

  1. We will eat at this time. It’s not just the restaurant, you just come here and start ordering your food. Any time everyone must just be at your beck and call no, there are rules if you don’t come between this time and this time then you will be reprimanded in this way or whatever else.
  • We need to set rules, you will be dressed in this way. When you leave this house, this is how you should be dressed.
  • If you want to mix it with your friends this is what will happen, if you want to invite them this is what will happen.

Rules and regulations must be there. The problem is a lot of us don’t lead by example because we don’t have discipline in our own lives. So how do we expect discipline in the lives of children?

Do’s and Tips to be a Good Mother

Confide in the Children

If you want your child to confide in you, they say you must confide in the child. That doesn’t mean you go and solve all your problems with your own child. No, you say something in order to educate the child.

So, confide in your child. Sit and have some close moments like I had a tough day today but I shall try you know. I’m working so hard and it wasn’t so easy and so on you. This is how you can show a little other side of yourself to your child.

You’ve confided in the child, some of us never ever confided in our children about anything. How do you want the child to confide in you?

Tomorrow the child said Dad I had a difficult day you know there were two guys trying to bully me at school and now you’re listening. How did you find out because you confided in the child about something that was perhaps not really important, but for purposes of Education.

So as a parent, you influence your child by the example you give, the model that you show the child. You are a model; the child watches you and they mimic.

Be a Friend

Actually the easiest way to not talk to them is get them an iPod Touch and an iPhone and get them a computer or a laptop in their own room with high speed internet. So you don’t even have to look at their face.

Let them to their room all day. Facebooking, finding themselves a new set of parents online. Don’t replace your motherhood and your fatherhood with these things because if you do when they become independent you know what happens to most parents?

The children they only see you as a bunch of Money dollar signs. Walking around and the only time they come and talk to you. Dad or mother can I have five bucks. Actually nobody asked for five bucks anymore right which 20s nowadays.

When they want something they come to you otherwise you don’t see them. When they get to a certain age where they are old enough to make their own little bit of money. Guess what!! you’re not going to see him at all because your cash register is no longer relevant that’s no longer relevant.

  • Mother and father have to be friends with their children
  • Mother and father have to be their best friends

When mother and father adapt that habit, children will enjoy hanging out with mother and father.

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