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How Many Albums Does Taylor Swift Have? Biggest Star of the Decade

There are almost 10 studio albums in Taylor Swift’s discography. I collected some unique data about her albums and videos, which showcase her spectacular journey and legendary. The most viewed album as per collective views on YouTube is  “1989” – 9.9B views.

#Taylor Swift AlbumsTotal Number of YouTube Views Per AlbumNo. Of Songs Per Album
6Speak Now956.5M  14
7Taylor Swift  597M  15
8Folklore588M  16
9Midnights  482M  13
10 Evermore  333M  15
Taylor Swift Album list with YouTube Views

Taylor Swift’s Album Rankings: Most Popular and Less Popular in the United States as of March 2023″

She is one of the biggest stars of the Decade. According to a survey in the United States, adult Swifties liked the “1989” album the most and made it the most popular Swift album. Fearless ranks as the second and least popular Swift album “Folklore”.

How Many Albums Does Taylor Swift Have

Her popularity is not limited to the US, British fans also liked the “1989” album and made it the most popular in the UK too.

Taylor Swift’s Musical Diversity: Re-recordings, Live Albums, EPs, Compilations, and Box Set

Apart from these Albums, she has 4 live albums, 5 Eps, 4 Re-recordings, 23 Compilations, and 1 Box Set. Here is a list of all her Releases:

22 songsSpeak Now (Taylor’s Version)
6 songsRed (Taylor’s Version): The Slow Motion Chapter
34 songsfolklore: The Long Pond Studio sessions (from the Disney+ special) [deluxe edition]
13 songs1989
22 songsSpeak Now (Deluxe Package)
15 songsTaylor Swift
6 songsRed (Taylor’s Version): From The Vault Chapter
6 songsFearless (Taylor’s Version): The From The Vault Chapter
5 songsThe More Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Chapter
6 songsfolklore: the yeah I showed up at your party chapter
5 songsThe More Lover Chapter
1 songAll Of The Girls You Loved Before
2 songsThis Love (Taylor’s Version)
1 songSafe & Sound (Taylor’s Version)
1 songYou All Over Me (Taylor’s Version) [From The Vault]
1 songwillow (moonlit witch version)
1 songME!
1 songToday Was A Fairytale
1 songCornelia Street (Live From Paris)
1 songLavender Haze (Remix)
1 songwillow (90’s trend remix)
2 songsCarolina (From The Motion Picture “Where The Crawdads Sing”)
1 songYou Need To Calm Down (Live From Paris)
1 songLover (First Dance Remix)
1 songReady For It? (BloodPop® Remix)
23 songsMidnights (The Til Dawn Edition)
30 songsRed (Taylor’s Version)
16 songsfolklore
22 songsRed (Deluxe Edition)
14 songsSpeak Now
6 songsRed (Taylor’s Version): She Wrote A Song About Me Chapter
6 songsFearless (Taylor’s Version): The I Remember What You Said Last Night Chapter
6 songsthe “ladies lunching” chapter
6 songsfolklore: the saltbox house chapter
4 songswillow (the witch collection)
1 songAnti-Hero (Acoustic Version)
1 songChristmas Tree Farm (Old Timey Version)
1 songWildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)
1 songLove Story (Taylor’s Version)
1 songcardigan (cabin in candlelight version)
1 songBad Blood
1 songbetty (Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards)
1 songThe Man (Live From Paris)
1 songAnti-Hero (ILLENIUM Remix)
1 songLove Story (Taylor’s Version) [Elvira Remix]
1 songWildest Dreams (R3hab Remix)
1 songMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) [From The Vault]
16 songsSpeak Now World Tour Live
1 songME! (Live From Paris)
1 songYou Need To Calm Down (Clean Bandit Remix)
20 songsMidnights (3am Edition)
26 songsFearless (Taylor’s Version)
18 songsLover
32 songsRed
26 songsFearless (Big Machine Radio Release Special)
6 songsRed (Taylor’s Version): Could You Be The One Chapter
6 songsFearless (Taylor’s Version): The Kissing In The Rain Chapter
6 songsthe “forever is the sweetest con” chapter
6 songsfolklore: the sleepless nights chapter
6 songsThe Taylor Swift Holiday Collection
2 songsAnti-Hero
1 songAll Too Well (Sad Girl Autumn Version) [Recorded at Long Pond Studios]
1 songthe lakes (original version)
1 songOnly The Young (Featured in Miss Americana)
1 songRonan
1 songDaylight (Live From Paris)
1 songLover (Live From Paris)
5 songsAnti-Hero (Remixes)
1 songwillow (dancing witch version) [Elvira remix]
1 songSweeter Than Fiction (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
8 songsLive From Clear Channel Stripped 2008
1 songYou’re Not Sorry (CSI Remix)
1 songDelicate (Seeb Remix)
1 songEverything Has Changed (Remix)
13 songsMidnights
15 songsevermore
15 songsreputation
28 songsSpeak Now (Big Machine Radio Release Special)
19 songsFearless (Platinum Edition)
6 songsThe More Red (Taylor’s Version) Chapter
6 songsFearless (Taylor’s Version): The Halfway Out The Door Chapter
6 songsthe “dropped your hand while dancing” chapter
6 songsfolklore: the escapism chapter
1 songLavender Haze (Acoustic Version)
1 songAll Too Well (10 Minute Version) (The Short Film)
1 songEyes Open (Taylor’s Version)
1 songIf This Was A Movie (Taylor’s Version)
1 songwillow (lonely witch version)
1 songChristmas Tree Farm
1 songLove Story (Pop Mix)
1 songDeath By A Thousand Cuts (Live From Paris)
1 songThe Archer (Live From Paris)
2 songsMessage In A Bottle (Fat Max G Remix) [Taylor’s Version]
1 songLover (Remix)
31 songsreputation (Big Machine Radio Release Special)
5 songsLavender Haze (Remixes)
1 songDelicate (Sawyr And Ryan Tedder Mix)
1 songLove Story (Digital Dog Remix)

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