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9 Factors to Consider Before Getting Clear Aligners

Have you heard of clear aligners? As both patient and orthodontic professionals, clear aligners have revolutionized dental care. If you are thinking about getting clear aligners or know someone interested in clear aligner treatment, this article will provide information to help guide your decision. Getting clear aligners done for the first time can be a big step. Here are some things to consider before getting clear aligners:

1. Expected Progress Rate of Treatment

Usually, most adults would like to have about a 2-year treatment time to complete their orthodontic correction. The primary reason being adults are more committed to work, limiting their treatment times. So they require a faster progress rate, of course, but typically two years will do. On the other hand, children do not mind much about the expected progress rate as long as they see noticeable improvements in their teeth alignment. Also, it is important to understand how clear aligners work before getting one.

2. Physical Trauma

If the patient has been involved in sports activities where collision or hit to the face is common, getting traditional braces may be out of the question. There are chances of damage to the wire on braces or brackets. So the best alternative for such cases would be clear aligners with no fear of breaking teeth when colliding in a sports event.

3. Psychological Aspect

Getting clear aligners is not a very scary thing to do as compared to the traditional braces. With clear aligners, more children will be willing to get their teeth corrected compared to having metal braces. Parents must also factor in getting traditional braces for their children which would require them to be admitted to the orthodontist’s clinic. That means taking time off from school! So clear aligners would be better for children with psychological fear of being away from home or parents. Also, you can Google ‘clear aligners near me‘ to find an orthodontist who is more accessible, to prevent lengthy drives in search of the services.

4. Convenient for Waiting Times

Clear aligners allow you the freedom to explore and do what you want while wearing its aligner. This is especially good for adults who have full-time work and cannot afford to take time off for treatment. Traditional braces require professional care, which could mean a lot of time queuing up for the doctor or the orthodontist to attend to you.

5. Size of Teeth

Clear aligners may not be suitable for people who want a clear and perfect smile. It only corrects the misalignment of teeth and would not make them bigger or smaller. Clear aligners may not fit well on teeth with large sizes. So if you are looking for bigger, more sparkling teeth, clear aligners are not the best option.

6. Possible Realignment of Misaligned Teeth

Orthodontists would give you prior notice on which part of your teeth needs a session for realignment purposes. With Invisalign, any part of your teeth can be realigned within the duration of the treatment period. Therefore, a clear aligner helps to achieve your orthodontic goals faster than other methods.

7. Expectations

It is effective to consider your expectations before getting clear aligners. Some people may expect their orthodontic problem could be solved within a short period with clear aligners. It is important to be realistic and consult your orthodontist first on what you can achieve within the treatment time.

8. Commitment

If you have a busy life affected by the physical trauma of sports activities, fitting appointments with your orthodontist may not always be possible. So for such cases, clear aligners would give you the maximum flexibility without having to worry about committing to a fixed schedule.

9. Cost

You shouldn’t be surprised when you see that a clear aligner is expensive. The products are made from more sophisticated material, leading to their increased prices. If you’re on a budget, clear aligners may not be your best option. But if your budget allows you to splurge a bit, then clear aligners will give you the best orthodontic treatment money could buy. Clear aligners are a revolutionary step forward in the world of orthodontics. They have simplified and accelerated orthodontic treatment in a way that no other orthodontic system has ever done. They have also made orthodontic treatment more convenient and flexible to work in with our busy lifestyle.

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