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BusinessDelivering Direct Mail in Nearby Neighberhoods

Delivering Direct Mail in Nearby Neighberhoods

Direct Mail is a Cost-effective way to get your message across to your community, without having to rely on online methods. A traditional method of advertising that has worked for decades, direct mail still has a very important place in your marketing campaign. Read on to find out the different methods available for direct mail, and how to start implementing them into your marketing strategy today!

Choose Delivery Method

The current postal service in the US provides a mailing service through Every Single Door Direct Mail, a program that is excellent for targeting potential customers in your neighborhood. As the program is based on the carrier routes used by the postal service, it provides you with a cost-effective way to send mail to specific neighborhoods. When you send flyers using the US postal service program, they are addressed generically, such as to the “Occupier,” rather than being addressed to a specific person or address. Your daily limit for mail pieces currently stands at 5000. An alternative option open to you is to mail your flyers by adding actual full addresses, for bulk mail or first class, this accruing a higher price for the postage.

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Use the EDDM Route

The “Every Door Direct Mail” program provides you with a wizard to find neighborhoods, allowing you to choose form an interactive map. To start the process, you should enter the zip code for your targeted market into the wizard. Once you have completed this, you should then go on to choose the types of routes you want to look for, such as residential or business addresses. When the interactive map of pops up, choose a carrier route. A window will pop up that will tell you the cost for that route and how many pieces will be mailed. You will be able to further break down the provided results, into different income levels and age groups.

Purchase a List

Another option that you have you is to send out flyers that are fully addresses. You will need to buy a list of addresses from a broker, as you won’t be able to use the EDDM program if you choose this route. Get in touch with a broker and narrow down the list to certain zip codes or neighborhoods, specifying the demographics you require. When you choose this type of list for your mailing, you will be able to choose more demographic than you can with the US Postal Service, this providing you with a way in which to produce mailing that is more targeted to your chosen neighborhoods.

Choose a Printer

When choosing a printing service for your flyers, use a service that is familiar with Every Door Direct Mail and its regulations, getting your flyers ready to be mailed if you will be using the Postal Service and its carrier routes. When you choose an experienced printer, they will use a format for addresses that is approved by the Postal Service. Before you start on your initial design for your flyer, consult your printer to make sure that the size is appropriate. If you have chosen to use a mailing list for use with full addresses, ask your chosen printer which type of file they will need in order to print addresses directly onto your flyers.

Also, you should ask your printer if he or she has bulk mail indicia to print on your flyers, this meaning that you will be able to avoid the expense of purchasing one. A 3rd option open to you is to print the address labels and to then to stick on to the flyers yourself.


Whichever type of direct mailing or shared direct mailing you choose, it is important to get things right the first time. Your flyer should look great, it should be eye-catching, and most importantly it should be sent out to people who will be interested in the services or product you provide. Although purchasing a mailing list or using the EDDM wizard will cost you more initially than simply using the US Postal Service Program, these methods will allow you to be specific with the demographics you choose, targeting your flyers to real, potential customers from day one.

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