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What Order to Read Colleen Hoover Books? – #1 Best Selling New York Times Author of “IT Ends with Us”

Colleen is known as one of the best female romance Novelists. Born on 11 December 1979. She lives in Texas and got married to Heath Hoover in 2000. She is awarded twice with the Goodreads Choice award. Collen Hoover’s total number of Romance Novels are more than 22. Today, we are here to describe colleen hoover books in order.

Interesting Fact: Past 4 years, Female authors and writers count is higher than males. Female authors: 923 while Male Authors: 593 – Reference

What Makes the Book Bestselling

Love and relations have become an essential part of today’s world. Colleen Hoover picked the main key factor and start writing about romance – Become Popular (Maybe Someday Series – Bestselling on Amazon) There is no hard and fast rule, that makes a book best-seller. And not every literary got fame. Various factors can take the book journey to become a best seller like:

  • Personal fame
  • Leveraging existing narratives
  • Tapping into demographics

The question asked in survey in United State in 2017: How importance the romance in relationship?

Essential Could not feel love without it

  1. Female 39%
  2. Male 33%

Important at beginning, but not after

  1. Male 18%
  2. Female 13%

More importance as relationship goes on

  1. Female 42%
  2. Male 35%

Not important

  1. Female 11%
  2. Male 7%

Colleen Hoover Book Series

If I was able to categorize colleen Hoover’s books, I would say she wrote and categorized them in four series. Later, we will describe what order to read colleen hoover books.

Slammed SeriesHopeless SeriesMay Be Someday SeriesIt Ends with Us Series (#1 New York Times Bestselling author)
SlammedHopelessMaybe SomedayIt Ends with Us
Point of RetreatLosing hopeMaybe NotIt Starts with Us
This GirlFinding CinderellaMaybe Now
Finding Perfect

If we picked the top 20 books of Amazon Bestsellers 2022, American author Colleen Hoover win 6 places out of 20. “It Starts with Us” and “It Ends with Us” ranked #1 and #2 respectively along with Verity (ranked #3), Reminders of him (ranked #6), Ugly Love (ranked #7), and November 9 (ranked #13).

Colleen Hoover Stand Alone Books

If we talked about her Standalone Books, then they are 12 in count and are as followed:

  1. Verity
  2. Reminders of Him
  3. November 9
  4. Ugly Love
  5. Heart Bones
  6. Regretting You
  7. All Your Perfect
  8. Confess (Filmed as a series and available on Prime Video via Amazon and iTunes)
  9. Without Merit
  10. Layla
  11. Too Late
  12. Never Never

So, by adding Standalone books and Series, Collen Hoover had written 24 romance Novels or books in total. All are romance novels and book and you really need order to read colleen hoover books.

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Colleen Hoover Books in Order

There is no specific or strict order to understand or read colleen literature. Now, the question is “do you have to read colleen hoover books in order”.

Due to the diverse nature of mental capabilities and intaking and understanding things, it is hard to order colleen books. However, there are some recommendations that colleen hoover personally gives:

She categorized the reading order into three sections: ➡️( Read the series of books in the direction of pointer to make better sense.

YA – Young Adult 14+:

  • Heart Bones (Standalone
  • Regretting you (Standalone
  • Without Merit (Standalone
  • Never Never (Standalone
  • Slammed Series (Slammed ➡️ Point of Retreat ➡️ This Girl)

MA-Mature 17+

  • It Ends with Us Series (It Ends with Us ➡️ It Starts with us)
  • Maybe Someday Series (Maybe Someday ➡️ Maybe Not ➡️ Maybe Now)
  • Hopeless Series (Hopeless ➡️ Losing Hope ➡️ Finding Cinderella ➡️ All your Perfects ➡️ Finding Perfect)
  • Ugly Love (Standalone
  • November 9 (Standalone
  • Layla (Standalone
  • Reminders of Him (Standalone
  • Confess (Standalone

WHOA – Very Mature/Dark

  • Verity (Standalone
  • Too Late( Releasing 6-27-23)

Sum up

So, do you have to read colleen hoover books in order or what order to read colleen hoover books is totally up to you and your intaking and understanding abilities. Colleen Hoover, being as a writer personally give some recommendation in order to read her books. She knows the internet linking of her literatures, so better to follow her suggestions.

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