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TravelTop 4 Cities for Solopreneurs - Why become a Solopreneur?

Top 4 Cities for Solopreneurs – Why become a Solopreneur?

Are you a solopreneur looking for the perfect city to settle down and maximize your productivity? Look no further than these top four cities, courtesy of Feel My Worth. From Ridgewood, NY with its incredible quality of life and 97% fiber internet coverage, to Nashville, TN emerging as the nation’s coworking capital with 79% fiber internet access and dedicated coworking spaces, to Spokane, WA with its stunning views and affordable cost of living (though only 30% fiber internet coverage), to Los Angeles, CA with its thriving coworking scene (despite only 38% fiber internet access and a high cost of living), there is a solopreneur’s paradise for everyone. And once you’ve found the right city, learn how to maximize your productivity with tools like coworking space memberships, project management apps, and even old-fashioned business cards. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find the perfect place for your solopreneur lifestyle.

How to become a solopreneur?

1. Ridgewood, NY

Ridgewood, NY is a promising destination for solopreneurs thanks to its incredible quality of life and its low cost of living. According to research, 97% of the city enjoys fiber internet coverage. Fiber internet is the fastest connectivity available thanks to its use of light-based data transmission technology rather than electricity. operates one of the few spaces in the city, and a short 30-minute commute to NYC will lead to countless other coworking havens.

2. Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN has seen a huge boost to its profile in recent years as it became known as the nation’s bachelorette party capitol. This reputation might soon shift, though, as Nashville is also emerging as the nation’s coworking capitol. Solopreneurs and gig workers will love Nashville’s great internet quality — 79% of the area has access to fiber — as well as the wealth of dedicated coworking spaces. Some of the most popular coworking spots in Music City include the following:

  • Industrious Gulch
  • WeWork Woodland
  • Three One Three
  • InDo Nashville

3. Spokane, WA

There are few towns as scenic as Spokane, WA. Solopreneurs who are lucky enough to land in this city will enjoy stunning views of the Spokane River and the low cost of living. Indeed, the cost of living is about 7% lower than the rest of the state — but remote workers should be aware that only 30% of the city has access to fiber internet connectivity. Nonetheless, many solopreneurs will find that Spokane’s many coworking spaces — including the following — make up for the shortcoming:

  • Regus Spokane Center
  • Burbity Workspaces
  • Fellow Coworking
  • Niche Coworking

4. Los Angeles, CA

The City of Angels has more than just Hollywood to offer. It also boasts a thriving coworking scene where remote workers from around the world congregate. Surprisingly, only 38% of Los Angeles, CA enjoys fiber internet access, but the city’s other resources certainly compensate for this drawback. Solopreneurs may also be deterred by the cost of living — it’s 68% higher than the national average. There are plenty of opportunities to find roommates, though, to offset this cost — and you’ll find many of the most accessible, affordable coworking spaces in Los Angeles.

Solopreneurs Can Maximize Productivity

Once you’ve found the right city, maximizing productivity is essential for solopreneurs. Investing in a coworking space membership is one of the best ways to optimize productivity and network with other remote workers. Many tools can also help achieve this same goal, including project management apps designed to help freelancers use their time wisely while working on proposals, contracts, and other time-sensitive tasks.

Additionally, upping your marketing game by supplementing any social media marketing with something old-fashioned, like business cards, can also help attract potential clients. If you need business cards, but aren’t sure where to start, give this a try to take advantage of all the free templates, which you can customize as needed.

Solopreneurs can also take advantage of various online resources to help them grow their business. Freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and offer a platform for solopreneurs to connect with potential clients and secure new projects. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can also help solopreneurs increase their online presence, attract new clients, and network with other professionals in their industry.

Find the Right Place for your Solopreneur Lifestyle

No matter what kind of business you’re in, finding the right city to settle down and maximize productivity is essential for solopreneurs. Cities like Ridgewood, Nashville, Spokane, and Los Angeles offer a solopreneur’s paradise with their affordable cost of living, stunning views, and thriving coworking scenes. With the right tools and resources, solopreneurs can optimize their productivity, attract new clients, and grow their business. However, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout. By carefully considering the pros and cons of a city and taking advantage of various online resources, solopreneurs can thrive and achieve their business goals.

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