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Tech4 of the Best Tech Stocks to Buy for October

4 of the Best Tech Stocks to Buy for October

Industries associated with SILICON VALLEY have been the main reason behind the Wall Street rebound from March 23 stock market decline. The purpose of that is twofold. First of all, the major increase of the FAANG stocks in the important charts, and secondly, the awesome execution of technology stocks in general, propelled by their protection from the virus and a temporal transition of investor equity into the division.

For traders who are new in the market sector, FAANG is an acronym that relates to the well-known best-performing Big Technology companies: Facebook (ticker: FB), (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL).

Luckily, there are still good technology stocks outside the tested and trusted FAANG names and these stocks have managed to impress traders so well, both for the short term traders and for long-term traders.

Outlined below are the five of the best tech stocks to purchase for October:

  • Adobe (ADBE)
  • PayPal Holdings (PYPL)
  • Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)
  • Spotify Technology (SPOT)


Adobe is virtually referred to as the Microsoft of digital innovative devices, giving suitable and highly helpful software for retailers, artists, publishers, and other modern-day innovators. Ranging from Photoshop and Illustrator to Adobe Premiere and InDesign, ADBE develops several top-tier devices that their customers can have access to through personal subscriptions or package into an all-access bundle referred to as Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which cost about at $52.99 per month for people.

This feature is a good deal for their customers and wide business latitude for Adobe, the 14% year-over-year revenue increase and fluctuating gross margins of approximately 86% last quarter is enough proof of this. Continual revenue standard, earnings per share (EPS) would always climb higher and increase faster than sales, Because of the economies of scale provided by its asset-light, a situation that was detected last quarter when modified EPS rose 25% related with the same period last year.


It doesn’t come as a shock, that a business organized by Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has thrived to evolve into a powerhouse? One of the best tech stocks to purchase this October and beyond for various reasons, such as its long life span, established user base, ability to easily adapt to any market condition and its thriving popularity to the payment ecosystem of the 2020s is PayPal.

With almost every part of the world endlessly laboring and transacting remotely, and an

With so much of the world working and transacting remotely, and distaste to hard currency in real-life trades adding to a national coin deficit, PayPal encountered a record-breaking second quarter, with its cumulative expenditure volume rising 29% year on year to $222 billion. Last quarter also made record net new functional accounts of 21.3 million, giving rise to its total to 346 million functional customer accounts. PYPL also had easy cash flow rise by 112% and modified earnings rise 49% from 86 cents within the same period last year.

Even though the stock is not cheap by conventional metrics, PayPal still remains one of the best stocks to buy this October and beyond with an advanced price-earnings of 41 and all.

London Gates analyst Davis Brown expects PYPL EPS to increase by more than 23% yearly for the next five years.


Even though Microsoft is not among the FAANG stocks, it still has the right to be recognized, at least for its staying power and it’s the quantity and continual growth.   MSFT has onetime again recovered its significance as a master, with its revenue of more than $1.5 billion next only to Apple among the most profitable U.S. businesses.

Contrary to the formerly quoted best tech stocks to purchase for October, Microsoft transacts at a far better reasonable price, with a price-earnings ratio of 35 and a presumptuous price-earnings ratio of 27. A company with a value of more than $1.5 trillion barely survives in the first place, but it’s even harder than such a firm is anticipated to increase earnings by 15% or extra for the subsequent five years while giving off a rising and bearable dividend.

In the last quarter Microsoft’s cloud computing behemoth, Azure, which is the nearest rival to Amazon Web Services, rose by 47%.


The last but not the least good tech stocks to purchase for October is Spotify, the music-streaming monster, and the only business of the four selections to be always unprofitable. It is always advisable to purchase tech stocks that have already crashed into the black, there are oddities to the guide, and Spotify might just be one.

The firm newly approved the sole seasoned podcaster in the marketplace, Joe Rogan, to a sole deal. Not only would this move make Spotify occupy some market share from Alphabet’s YouTube, but SPOT has created video skills for its outlet that should strengthen Rogan’s program and be made public for future contributors.

In the last quarter, Spotify’s monthly functional customers rose 29% to 299 million, comprising a 27% rise in premium subscribers. As the prime music-streaming outlet in the U.S., London Gates analyst Thomas Moore said that within a short period of time SPOT will break even and develop into a test and trusted self-reliable tech stock to acquire for years to come.

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