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SocialBest Bedroom Ideas - How To Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom

Best Bedroom Ideas – How To Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom

Bedrooms have become much more than just the room you sleep in. They have become a haven from a stressful outside world. Many homeowners use the bedroom as a lounge to relax and get away from noisy youngsters, or spend some quality private time together. Once the children are old enough to not need constant supervision, many couples like a quiet place to re-connect to each other and discuss family issues away from the children. Some want the bedroom to be a place of relaxation and contemplation.

Others want a romantic get a way to escape to. The many sources of bedroom design ideas helps get the perfect look. When designing your bedroom, decide what you want it to be for you. Make a list of things that are important for you to have in your bedroom. What use will you put it to? What furniture will you be needing … Japanese Platform Beds? Will you watch TV in this room? Does the bedroom need to devote a corner to a small office?

Your bedroom is the one place in the house you can make really personal. Once you have written down the furniture and uses for the bedroom, look in decorating magazines, books and online sites for bedroom decorating ideas and rooms that reflect the style you like. Many time you can come up with some great bedroom painting ideas here, too. Save the pictures you like for inspiration. Now you are ready to decorate your bedroom. The large areas like floor and walls should be the starting point.

Choose a paint color or wallpaper pattern for the walls and a flooring like carpet or wood laminate for the floor. These areas should be a pleasant background for all the rest of your decor, though it is fine to have an accent wall. The furniture, bedding, draperies and accents will give your bedroom it’s character and make it your place. Some even decide to look into feng shui bedroom tips.

Decide which existing items will be usable in the new room and get rid of the rest. It is a good idea to photograph the pieces you are keeping, so the new pieces you purchase will coordinate with them. Teenage bedroom designs are also important for some families. These trends constantly change.

My pre-teens are big on signs for bedroom doors that keep the parents out … at least they think so:) You can shop at your local home decorating and department stores to get furniture and accent pieces and kitchen appliance ideas that are available and work in your room. The rest of your decor can be found on the Internet and shipped to you.

Decorating rooms is more satisfying when you have the world to look for decor items instead of settling for what is available locally. Look for good quality in all the furniture, accents, bedding and window coverings. Good quality does not cost much more, but it lasts years longer. Take all your measurements, photos and samples with you as you select each new decor item for your room.

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