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Health & BeautyWhat to Expect from CoolSculpting?

What to Expect from CoolSculpting?

Studies show that fat reduction procedures have risen 6% over the last year, and coolsculpting is at the top of the list of favorites regarding fat-reducing procedures! With that being said, there are still many questions concerning coolsculpting and how it works.

Don’t worry though, we are going to take an in-depth look at what to expect from coolsculpting so you can get a full understanding of the procedure before you commit.

Let’s get started!

What Is Coolscuplting?

Coolsculpting is the latest revolution in fat-reducing technology. The process is non-invasive (no surgery), and it is virtually painless. The procedure uses FDA-approved technology to freeze fat cells until they are crystalized.

From there, the body’s lymphatic system rids itself of the crystallized fat cells. Coolsculpting is generally used to remove stubborn fat that cannot be lost with diet and exercise. Check out CoolSculpting Elite to learn more about this unique procedure!

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

As we said, Coolsculpting freezes fat cells, but what is really interesting about the procedure is that it does not damage any other surrounding tissue or cells…Only fat!

During the procedure, the skin above the fatty target area will be vacuumed into the Coolsculpting applicator. The area is then drastically chilled to target the fat cells. During the procedure, feeling numbness, cold, pulling, and tingling are often reported by patients, but the effects are mild.

The procedure generally takes around 30-60 minutes with no downtime following the Coolscuplting procedure. Other fat-reducing procedures such as laser fat removal and liposuction require downtime and pose risks to the surrounding tissue. Because Coolsculting is non-invasive, the procedure can be done quickly without affecting the patient’s day.

What to Expect From Coolsculpting?

The procedure itself can get a little chilly; however, it doesn’t last long. Following the Coolsculpting, a patient might feel some mild pain or soreness similar to post-workout soreness.

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As far as the results are concerned, they tend to vary based on the patient. With that being said, studies show that patients who received Coolsculpting saw between 14.67-28.5% reduction in fat post-Coolsculpting. Generally, the results are not seen until 1-3 months following the procedure, though, and in some cases, the full results take 6 months to be seen.

Although the results take time to show up, they can last forever. Some people might need more than one session to see the full results. Once the fat cells have been crystallized and removed, they stay gone. Keep in mind that poor diet and lack of exercise can cause new fat cells to be formed.

Try Coolsculpting Today

As you can see, Coolsculpting is a simple and painless procedure that can help rid you of stubborn fat with no downtime! Unlike other fat-reducing procedures, the fat lost from Coolsculpting stays gone. So, now that you know what to expect, book yourself a Coolsculpting session today.

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