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TravelWhy Do Travellers Get Such A Bad Rap? Are We Really That...

Why Do Travellers Get Such A Bad Rap? Are We Really That Unbearable?

The idea of travelling can bring forth a lot of negative associations for some people. Travellers often feel judged for being excessively loud and irresponsible, reckless and irresponsible, and too loud or rude.

But is it really fair to paint all travellers with the same brush? And are we really as unbearable as some make us out to be? Of course, it’s all relative…

Travellers Can Be Seen as Being Pretentious

Drinking and starting bar fights in Bangkok is quite normal. Locals in any country hate nothing more than people who come to their country only to mindlessly start trouble (we Brits are notorious for it).

Similarly, be mindful of how you treat your friends and family when you return home from a year or two backpacking through South East Asia. Yes, travelling is important and it will be life-changing, however, try to keep the pretentiousness to a minimum and understand that not everyone feels the desire (or has the means) to uproot their lives and travel the world like the rest of us. 

“Find yourself”, by all means, and share your stories with those who matter most to you, but remember that the majority of people at home either won’t care or will be jealous of you.

We Can Be a Noisy Bunch

To be fair, we travellers can be a bit of a noisy bunch. A lot of the time, the negativity surrounding our existence is because we’re perceived as being reckless when we’re travelling, especially in places with a far more relaxed lifestyle.

We stick out like sore thumbs as we wander around in awe, taking photos and pointing out things we find mesmerising (which the locals invariably see on a day-to-day basis).

Often, we bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm into a space, which can overwhelm those who use to a much quieter existence.

In this case, it’s important that you “read the room” as it were, do your research, and be respectful of your environment when travelling to new locations.

Not All of Us Brush Up On Culture and Etiquette

It’s also easy to see as inconsiderate when we travel. We might not be aware of all the local customs and might even forget to ask permission before taking a photo or entering a sacred area. We might also not be aware of the impact our presence can have on the local environments and communities.

However, it’s important to remember that not all travellers are like this. There are also a lot of respectful and considerate travellers out there, who take the time to learn about local customs and traditions and make sure that their presence is not disruptive.

These travellers often make an effort to bring something positive to the places they visit, by helping out in local communities or just being friendly and open-minded with the locals.

As such, don’t be afraid to travel and immerse yourself in unfamiliar territories. Instead, set an example of what good, conscientious travellers can be like!

Why Not Become One of the Locals?

If you don’t like being branded as a traveller (particularly if you love Thailand and want to build a life of your own there), then it might be worth finding some nice property and settling into your new environment.

Once you are familiar with the culture and customs, it’s quite easy to blend into Thailand and comfortably assimilate yourself with local life. Check out the Rama 9 condos for sale for some inspiration!

Final thoughts

In truth, painting all travellers with the same brush is unfair. As with any group of people, there are going to be good and bad examples. It’s just important to remember to be respectful and considerate when travelling, and to make sure that your presence is not too disruptive or intrusive. With that kind of behaviour, there’s no reason why travellers can’t see it as an asset rather than a nuisance (particularly given how much so many nations rely on tourism to thrive).

Remember, people are always going to judge you no matter what you do. So, be yourself, have fun, but most of all, be respectful.

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