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Tengu Mask – When, Why, and How to Wear a Tengu Japanese Mask

How to wear a Tengu mask? When should you wear Tengu mask? Why and when to wear a Tengu mask in Japanese culture? Wearing Tengu masks in religious festivals and celebrations, starting from New Year’s Day up until the 5th day of the 5th month are traditional occasions to wear Tengu masks in Japan. In this article, you will learn about various occasions in which people were traditionally allowed to wear their masks as well as why they chose to do so at these specific times and under these specific circumstances.

What are Tengu Masks?

A Tengu mask is one of several types of traditional masks worn during festivals or on other special occasions in Japan. Wearing a Tengu mask is similar to wearing any other sort of mask as it covers your face entirely, but unlike standard masks that are worn for protection from elements or fun or theater during festivals or parties, Tengu masks have religious connotations. One such festival is held annually at Hōryū-ji temple in Nara Prefecture, where participants wear Tengu masks when dancing alongside Bon-odori dancers who are not masked.

It’s an interesting tradition and fairly representative of what you might expect at a typical Shinto shrine in Japan: dancing, singing and good times… But there’s much more to these weirdly birdlike masks than meets the eye. So when should you wear one? And why? But first get your own Japanese tengu mask.

The History Behind Wearing Japanese Masks

The culture of wearing traditional Japanese masks, including all styles of Kabuki and Noh actors, has been around since 712 AD when such plays began in Kyoto. The word Kakko Fureai refers to costumed participants who attend holiday events dressed as samurai warriors or heroes and heroines (even going so far as dressing up like Hello Kitty). Such costume events have been happening since at least 1107 AD!

When you hear of Japan, some of your first thoughts may be about Tengu masks. You might ask yourself: who are these characters? What do they do? And why wear them in everyday life? Let’s take a look at when, why and how to wear Tengu masks. (hint: it has something to do with love).

What are Tengu Masks Used for?

The History Behind Wearing Masks In General: Masks have been part of traditional Japanese culture for centuries and their use is still popular today. Two reasons people wear masks in Japan include as a form of protection from the weather or when wearing costumes for kabuki or bunraku theater performances. But most commonly, mask-wearing is done during festivals throughout Japan, where dancers or performers typically don animal-inspired ones that draw upon native species to celebrate nature during special cultural events like spring festivals called matsuri.

When done right by experts, these costumes worn in mask dances add an extra layer of energy and excitement on top of their dance performance.

Wearing A Tengu Mask At Festivals And Ceremonies

Tengu Mask meaning?: When most people think of a mask, they imagine someone covering their face with it. This image makes sense when you are thinking about masquerade parties where everyone is wearing masks. But in Japan people wear masks for other reasons as well. Sometimes they are used during festivals and ceremonies.

One example of that is when they celebrate Tanabata at night. There you can see a lot of Tengu masks being worn by both children and adults. If you ever get a chance to visit one of these celebrations be sure to look for these bird-like headpieces with long pointed beaks attached to them; especially if you want some good pictures!

Benefits Of Wearing A Tengu Mask

A Tengu mask is worn during particular festivals such as Hatsumode (New Year) or Bunbuku Matsuri (Festival of Happiness), where they are known as Kakko Fureai. These men wear masks so that they may intimidate demons into staying away from their villages and homes. Additionally, there are different kinds of masks used for various festivals throughout Japan. There are no fixed rules about wearing them; it depends on which you prefer. If you’re interested in wearing a Tengu mask for yourself, here’s what you need to know when why and how to wear one!

The Complete Guide To Buy A Tengu Mask

When it comes to purchasing a Tengu mask you will find there are many different options for you to consider. We have come up with what we believe is an informed guide to help you make your decision. When deciding whether or not you should buy a Tengu mask, why not start by asking yourself just what type of mask you want? Do you want to purchase a costume mask that looks cool on Halloween but does nothing more than that? Or do you wish to purchase something that has some real cultural significance as well as is visually stunning?

Some people think that their Japanese masks should be used solely for special occasions such as festivals or events whereas others believe they are works of art that can be worn every day if you so wish. Whatever choice you go with when it comes to selecting your Tengu mask, one thing is certain – you don’t need much money at all to get hold of one.


If you’re going out in public, then Tengu masks are always appropriate. If you want to wear them at home or when participating in certain festivals as well, then they should be used at specific times of the year. This can vary from region to region but it is generally accepted that they should be worn on specific festival days during particular seasons.

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