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Safaree Net Worth – Divorced, Latest Songs and Bio

Safaree Net Worth

According to the research of 2019, the highest-earning Hip-Hop rapper is “Kanye West” with an estimated 150 million U.S. dollars in the year of 2019. How much Safaree net worth 2022?

It is again unjustified to throw the exact figure of someone Net worth. If we just do a rough estimate of some popular albums’ cost, concerts fees etc. We come to the figure of around 3 to 5 millions U.S. Dollars.

Safaree Net Worth 2022 : 3 to 5 million U.S. Dollars

In the 1970s, two music genres and cultures become popular:

  • Hip-hop (Graffiti, Dance, Rhymes)
  • Rap (Vocal Rhymes)

Origin: South Bronx in New York

Main Stream Attention: Become popular in the 1980s among African American and get mainstream attention in the 2000s.

Onward the 2000s, the era of Rapping and hip-hop gets going. If we talked about the most successful music tours in North America in 2023, “Bad Bunny” was the most successful based on gross revenue. Source.

The interest of music (hip-hop and rappers) in United State can be demonstrated by the people, who attended a music concert. According to the survey, from 2003 to 2013 attendance kept growing. In 2003, attendance at popular concerts was (48 million) and in 2013 it was (59 million).

Jamaican American Rapper Safaree

From the world of Rappers, a name with 3.5 million Instagram followers and the artist of successful songs “Paradis”, “Love the Most”, “New Dip” and “Waistline Snatched”. The world knows him as Jamaican American Rapper Safaree.

  • Safaree Birth Date: July 4, 1981
  • Safaree Full Name: Safaree Lloyd Samuels
  • Safaree Nationality: American, Jamaican
  • Safaree Ex wife: Erica Mena
  • Safaree Children: 1(Legend Brian Samuels)
  • Safaree Instagram: Visit

Safaree Ex Girlfriend, Wife and Divorced

Safaree started his career with a rapper name Nicki Minaj in 2000, he dated her up to 2014. Some thread on Reddit shows, they fought a lot and Nicki Minaj has a bad role in the relationship.

He met with Erica in 2017 in New York in a Love and Hip Hop Set. Get married in 2019 and divorced in 2022.

The main cause of 41 years old Safaree’s divorce was: “Safaree cheating on her with Kaylin Garcia” according to Erica Mena.

Safaree cheating on Erica Mena with Kaylin Garcia

Some of the Latest Songs by Safaree

  • Oh My
  • Easy
  • Reckless
  • Perfect timing
  • Waistline Snatched (Released in 2023)
  • New Dip
  • Run It Up

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