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BusinessPRINCE2 Project Management in Consulting

PRINCE2 Project Management in Consulting

We spend so much time consultancy that we have got used to operating on the amounts of time and resources that are normally assigned to consulting work.  These are only required to undertake project work, and since technically speaking, time is money, this work can be given over to external resources to help us out.  In this way project work can be more efficiently carried out and there will be less of the overhead associated with consulting on very specific examples.  It also becomes clear that we perform more productive project work when we do not have to wait until we need this extra time and resources again.  However, the problems that can arise from this new philosophy can be significant, as you would find out with a PRINCE2 Certification belfast.

Project management as a discipline is important, and as a result it seems natural that the project.  It is then plausible that we should want to apply the same sort of discipline to ourselves and our projects.  Having got to this point, we need to come to grips with a degree of work-specific acceptance as the projects themselves may involve subordinate tasks to those we do not want to perform.  The Institute of Management and Administration in London has a few concise definitions of project management.  It says then that

Project management is a discipline and this involves careful planning and methodical application of the activities involved.

It relies upon the synergistic working of different operators and hence union of effort to achieve defined objectives.

It involves successful collaboration in planning, organizing, managing and supervising the work of the project.

It requires that the projects be conducted with a range of inputs and not loaded absolutely in each other.  Also there is a recurrence of the same activities; it is in accord with a repeatable mode of operation.  It involves the adoption of a wider perspective; it is usually based upon the non-technical approach.

Project management works best if project is done in a defined order, not as a by product of its own. Through this it would get the benefit of time and resources management.  If we keep this in mind, and apply it to the planning and execution of the project we will be better equipped to handle it.

Also, we must note the problem of recurrence that occurs here.  Through the project duration period, likely to be imposed by the feasibility and need of the project, these may be pretty tight.  This creates negative results.  It is likely that all those activities that were planned in the proper sequence could not be carried out in the timeframe, lessening productivity of the project.  After all, by the time you deliver a product to deliver the principal objective, it is often critical that you extensively gather credits and produce fear by the third party.  If schedule rules are broken, naturally by the time you deliver, the principal and other entities will be less keen to accept any variation of schedule.

It is advisable to stop the workflow activities thus, eliminating any delay of the tasks and that extend beyond it, the actual and amount that should be expected.  Resolve to go for rescheduling the specified activity by scheduling a raise or hold off on one or more tasks until a frivolity is defined.  Then cookies will be changes in the project as planned.

All this assumes that the project is normally to be an extended project in time and cost; this is why it is important to be aware of this need.  In your project management training you will ALWAYS be introduced to the contradictory nature between SRM and PM, which may Hat started to doubt you.

So you may start now to see the problems that can be caused by PM methodology when it is really needed to produce meaningful results of the extended project.  Your ability to manage your project requirements to time and resources and your files becomes a function of a skill set to manage working in this way, instead of a pure technical or functional skill set; this is where things go off the rails.

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